Top 5 Universities Offering Mechatronics Engineering Degree In The World

If you are keen to pursue a mechatronic engineering program, the latest multidisciplinary field of science, which includes automated control system and robotics, then consider joining one of the top engineering schools in the world. They offer the best laboratory facilities with cutting-edge instructions and real-time experiences to understand the modern engineering concepts better. Here are five best universities that offer the best programs in mechatronics. Read on to know if the programs offered by these institutions match your interest.

Below Are The Universities Offering Mechatronics Engineering Degree:

1. Stanford University

The school of engineering offers mechanical engineering degree programs with concentrations in mechatronics. Students get to learn the basics of mechatronics and also robotics and the advancements in the same field. The faculty and students also engage in interesting research projects like artificial intelligence controlled vehicles and flying robots.

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2. Georgia Institute Of Technology

The George W Woodruff School of mechanical engineering offers graduate programs with concentrations in mechatronics. Students learn and take up research in mechatronics systems and automation and robotics, innovative mechatronics system, automated intelligence system, etc. The major focus is on blending mechanical and electrical disciplines used in present-day engineering processes.

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Georgia Institute of Technology

3. Middlesex University

Middlesex University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of mechatronics. Students will study about developing automated systems that power physical systems similar to that of robotics during the course of study.  The course is designed to provide students experience in all aspects of engineering along with specialization in either design engineering or robotics or electronic engineering.

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4. Hamburg University Of Technology

The university offers an MS program in mechatronics, which is an interdisciplinary combination of mechanics, computer science, electronics and control engineering. Wide variety of courses provided in each of the four above mentioned disciplines and modern laboratory facilities enables students gain in-depth knowledge in the disciples. Technical electives will help students choose their field of interest and take up research projects in the same filed to excel in the chosen area of mechatronics.

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5. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT is one among the top ranked engineering universities which offer graduate and undergraduate programs in the field of mechanical engineering. Even at the undergraduate level, students can select the programs they are interested in such as mechatronics. The state-of-art laboratories, for example, mechatronics research laboratory is focused on applying mechatronics to biotechnology, nanotechnology, automation, robotics, automatic pipe leakage detection, and so on. Students also learn adaptive flight control systems and designing smart electrical grids during the course.

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