Top 9 Study Abroad Scholarship For Japan

Japan, one of the most promising and advance Asian nation provides education that is hard to afford on its own but acknowledging this worry among people, it is doing its best to make it affordable and handy. So that every willing mind can come and receive education in japan, it announces various scholarships from time to time. These scholarships provide support to the extent that students don’t have to suffer much and try here and there to collect extra funding but can be independent and focus on the studies. In other words, it makes the student self-confident and promises an education that needs only focus and attention but nothing else. Today, you are going to come across the top 9 study abroad scholarships that are given to build strong leadership and also for encouraging a fine education.

Below Are The  Top 9 Study Scholarship For Japan:

1. The Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Program

This actually is an award given to those who are looking for an opportunity to study, intern or teach abroad either in the fall or in the spring semester. Through this award, a chance is given to become a diversity abroad representative and gain the experience in abroad. What this scholarship seeks in all of its candidates is the leadership skills and the willingness of bringing positive changes. Therefore, those who are suffering from some disability or have no means to continue study further may apply for such a golden option and gain the support to achieve the aim.


2. The Freeman Asia Awards

This is another study abroad opportunity that not many of you would have come across yet. The scholarship is offered to the students who are continuing their studies in Southeast Asia or East Asia. The students taking this scholarship can be pursuing either a four year or a two year degree programme from an accredited institution. Though this scholarship, the American students or the permanent residents facing some financial limitations receive funds for semester or for their summer long programs.

3. Bridging Scholarship

The bridging scholarship offered are meant either for the semester or for the whole year. These bring the best opportunity to pursue international education at undergraduate level. The aim is to support the American students who are willing to study in japan through stipends from the scholarship. The fund for these scholarships come from the donations made from the businesses and other organizations. Do check out for these scholarships as the chances of studying in japan are quite huge.

4. The Japan Society For The Promotion Of Sciences Fellowship

This is one such fellowship which not many of you would have heard of. The fellowship is awarded to establish and enhance cooperation in the field of science in the whole world. The fellowship either funds the researcher or provides support. The students who are pursuing majors in any form of science from social to life science are focused upon. This is one self-governing institution which works on the aim of bringing advancement in science in all the field in it humanities.


5. The Harry S Truman Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the government to the students who are looking for a road which can offer support to pursue international education. The scholarship is aimed for the students who are planning to attend some graduate school or want to continue their undergraduate education. In order to get selected for this scholarship, the candidates must be having the international skills. This is one such scholarship which must not be missed at any cost as under this scholarship, the support is provided by the government throughout the duration of the award.


6. The Blakemore Foundation Language Grant

This is one of the best scholarship founded with the aim of supporting students to pursue language study for approximately one academic year. The scholarship is given to the students who have completed their undergraduate education or have studied for a minimum of three years in the target language and currently seeking advance language training in Chinese, Korean, Japanese or other selected south-east Asian language. The good news is that those who have already taken a step in their career, this scholarship offers them the summer program through its refresher grant.


7. Asia Pacific Education Foundation

This foundation from time to time announces scholarships to its students who are pursuing academic together with the cultural understanding within the Asia pacific region. The foundation started this scholarship to provide support to the students of various nationality in meeting their individual and the professional goals about the Asia Pacific knowledge and also for cheering the global leadership. This is a non-profit organization which aims to provide assistance to the diverse students from diverse backgrounds.


8. The Critical Language Scholarship

The critical language scholarship program is sponsored by the state department of US with the aim of increasing and enhancing the number of Americans who wish to learn the critical languages. Under the critical languages, is included Japanese also. To study this language, the full funded scholarship is provided which can be used as a support to seek an intensive summer program. This action of the US is for enhancing the understanding and the friendly relation of the US and the other countries. However, if learning Japanese language then a previous two years of experience is required as the proficiency of the student in the language matters more than anything.


9. The Boren Scholarship

This is another government funded scholarship meant for the undergraduate students who wish to pursue language study in regions that lie outside of Australia, Canada, Western Europe, and New Zealand. Once the scholarship is accepted, the Boren candidates are required to work for the US government for the next one year. The scholarship brings amazing opportunities for its candidates such as providing funds for the semester, full academic year or summer. The scholarship is granted to the graduate students and for ease, there are many campuses having Boren representative who aim to provide aid to the students with the application process. Do check out for a Boren representative at your institute or look for one at some nearby institute.