Top 8 Valued Military Colleges In The World

That power and prestige when comes in one’s hand, it is absolute and makes one feel at the top. Today, you are going to learn about such 8 academies which train students in various discipline in terms of defense. These academies are popular and the first choice of every students interested in the same field in the respective country. Do read about them all and see how they turn a willing student into a brilliant officer within a few year. Do go through the top 8 military colleges in the world mentioned down here. You can share any kind of questions here and also your experience.

Top 8 Admired Military Colleges In The World:

1. United States Military Academy, New York

Also popular with the other name, the west point, this college is prestigious and also one of the most respected college at global level. To take admission into this college, you have to receive a nomination from the congressman and then get accepted here. For non-Us citizens as well, it has its doors opened. The same as other military academies, its students have to abide by the rules and guidelines and must outdo in their academic field. Once graduated, the students have to perform duties in the army. Till today, the school has produced nearly 74 recipients who have been awarded with the Medal of Honor.

United States Military Academy, New York

2. United States Naval Academy, Maryland

Established in 1845, this academy is consistent in the field of imparting knowledge to the US navy and the Marine Corps. The campus of a military milestone and located not so far away from Washington DC. Similar to the west point, the students who want to get admitted here need authorization from the congressman. Every year, this college admits about 1,300 candidates but due to its rigorous rules and practice about 1,000 are able to make it till graduation. In place of the tuition fee, the students have to play active role in the military for a minimum period of 5 years. Not to talk about its accomplishments, as the words might fall less for that. Also, Don’t forget to check out these academies at their official site.

United States Naval Academy, Maryland

3. Royal Air Force College Cranwell, Sleaford, United Kingdom

When it was World War I, the academy was famous as a mere naval aviation training center. In 1919, this minor aviation academy received the official status as the first air academy. Its role in the World War II of training as many apprentices as possible to fly in the British air force cannot be overlooked. Its contribution is an important factor in leading Britain towards victory. However, today, it has returned to its original purpose and therefore boasts of many great alumni in which the popular Prince Charles is one.

Royal Air Force College Cranwell, Sleaford, United Kingdom

4. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Camberley, United States

Englishmen who do not wish to enter into the royal air force college can join this academy. Also known as Sandhurst, the rules are rigorous here and has to be followed by every candidate whether British or of other country. Today, the academy boast of its unparalleled leadership and the achievement. Since 1802, in the same manner as the saint-Cyr of France and the West point of US, this military academy by producing many great students has achieved a lot. You will be surprises to know that this is neither a university nor its graduates earn a bachelor’s degree on graduation but still they are made to undergo arduous training programs in order to groom themselves for the upcoming hurdles and later acquire leadership as an officer.

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Camberley, United States

5. Saint Cyr, Coetquidan, France

Although the French army has strong competitors in other nations but it is not fair to overlook its reputation and the esteemed history of a military academy. Every student here has to work hard in order to be here. Also, its training program are quite a deal and is solely responsible for the entire reputation of the school. Talking about the history of the college, it was built in 1803 by Napoleon Bonaparte with the sole motto of “study to vanquish” which is still practiced here and also makes the source of motivation for the upcoming generations.

Saint Cyr, Coetquidan, France

6. PLA National Defense University, Beijing, China

China, whenever it comes to the competition from other countries is never behind. It is quite fair to say that the PLA defense academy is the sharp reply of China to other academies especially the west point. The school first opened its gates for training students in 1985 which it did by amalgamating several existing political and military schools. Today, it is a great center of trust for giving education and training the PLA researchers and the senior commanding staff officers. There are many top officers who after graduating from this school have already joined the Academy of military science of China or in other words, the primary research institute of military science.

PLA National Defense University, Beijing, China

7. General Staff Academy, Moscow Russia

Whether or not you have heard of this school but undoubtedly, it has produced several graduates who have managed to be on the top of the USSR military for years unknown. First established in 1936, this academy is a place where the best, prestigious and the bravest officers in the whole of the soviet armed forces were raised by giving them the training that helped them rise on top. Unlike other military academies academies of the world, it does not need authorization from anyone but whoever wants to get admitted here must be possessing previous military experience. For your surprise, most are admitted after 30s only.

General Staff Academy, Moscow Russia

8. National Defense Academy Of Japan, Yokosuka, Japan

Although it was a really very tough and the hardest period of japan but surviving the wrath of the world war II, today it is again making progress by setting up its school and the spirit to rise all over again after such a hard time is really commendable. The school established in 1953 works on the sole aim of training students as officers for the self-defense force of japan. Once the graduation is completed, the students if want to may pursue their master and the doctoral degree in the same school but this might need certification from the supervisors.

National Defense Academy Of Japan, Yokosuka, Japan