Top 8 Universities To Study Genetics And Genomics In The Us

Genetics is an advanced field with a wide range of application in medicine, agriculture, food science and biology. One can step into research or build a successful carrier based on their specific area of interest in the field as the discipline has wide practical applications in various fields from agriculture to healthcare. Many students are showing a great interest in studying genetic engineering and there are a lot of colleges that offer a degree program in the same discipline. Here is a list of five colleges in the US that offers the best genetic engineering programs at various levels. Have a look to see if these match your interest.

Top Colleges For Genetics And Genomics In The Us

1.Stanford University

The department of genetics under the school of medicine in the esteemed university offers graduate programs in genetics as well as Ph.D programs. Students not only learn about technology and science, but also learn how to integrate biology and medicine through the courses. Students are trained through course work, seminars, faculty, research staff, laboratory rotations and dissertation research. Graduates can pursue careers in teaching, research in industrial settings, education, health care, etc.

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Stanford University

2. Duke University

The private research university in Durham is actively involved in research in science. Research on genetic engineering to support innovation and improvement in the field is a part of their study. The genetics and genomics department offers an interdisciplinary Ph.D program through UPGG that trains students in basic sciences and clinical departments. In addition, the school of medicine, Duke University, offers a study program on human genetics and genomics for medical students.

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Duke University

3. Baylor College of Medicine

The molecular and human genetics department in the Baylor College of Medicine offers graduate program in the same discipline. Students enrolled for this program get an opportunity to attend conferences on advanced sequencing technologies and modern biology. The medical center and cutting edge research laboratories provide students opportunity to gain knowledge in education and realistic experience in basic as well as applied research.

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Baylor College of Medicine

4. John Hopkins University

The institute of genetic medicine offers pre-doctoral training program in genetics, which focuses on training students into highly qualified persons to take up academic careers in the same field. This program is considered to be an alternative to the MD/PhD program for those interested in genetics.

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John Hopkins University

5. Cedar Crest College

The liberal arts college for women in Pennsylvania is a great place to study genetic engineering. The college offers one among the best BS genetic engineering in the US. The program is designed to provide a good foundation in biology, ecology and cellular biology in the initial years and then the advanced sciences such as molecular genetics and biotechnology in the later parts. The programs enables students build a successful career in the industry or take up post graduation program in their area of interest.

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Cedar Crest College

6. Harvard Medical School

The department of genetics at Harvard Medical School provides graduate as well as medical education in Genetics. The BBS program in Genetics and Genomics provides a cohesive training to students to gain a deep and broad understanding of this field. The PGG (Program in Genetics and Genomics) are open to Harvard BBS students.

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Harvard Medical School

7.Purdue University

The university holds its position among the top ten universities for genetic engineering since 2010. The university is popular for its biological sciences degrees as it provides students an opportunity to choose specialization from a wide variety of majors they have and genetics is one among them.

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Purdue University

8. New Mexico State University

The college of agriculture and home economics at the New Mexico State University offers BS degree program in genetics with genetics and biotechnology as major and a PDF in genetics. The programs are designed to prepare students to take up a career in academic teaching, biotech and seed industries, agriculture field, health and marketing as well as research.

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New Mexico State University