Top 8 Universities Offering Gerontology Degree In The US

With the growing population of elderly adults and their increasing needs, career opportunities are increasing and becoming more available for those who aspire to work with and serve the elderly. If you are one among those wishing to take up a career in gerontology, then a professional training or a degree in the same discipline is something that will help you become a certified professional, who can understand and be prepared for the challenges while caring for the elderly. There are so many schools and universities offering gerontology course, but here in this post we have picked the best ones that have gained top positions among those offering gerontology courses.

Top Colleges Offering Gerontology Degree In The US:

1. California State University

California State University, Sacramento State offers interdisciplinary programs, BS, a minor and a special master’s in gerontology. The courses are designed to enable students participate in the community program and take up research in the longevity center.

California State University

2. Duke University

Duke’s gerontology teaching and training program are one of the oldest programs in the nation and has been educating students on important issues related to aging. Center for study of aging and human development offers gerontology training to a variety of healthcare professionals through their various programs and has been involved in geriatrics research.

Duke University

3. Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers masters in gerontology especially for professionals in the field. The program provides a rock-solid foundation in theories and research related to gerontology. Students are also allowed to take up an internship program in gerontology along with the cluster and capstone courses.

Lindenwood University

4. Missouri State University

Missouri State University offers bachelor’s and minor degree options in gerontology. The programs prepare students to work in the industry and serve diverse older adults through their classroom lectures and individual attention paid to students in student-centered environment.  The university offers a dual major, psychology and gerontology, which is very attractive for students and employers.

Missouri State University

5. University Of Nebraska

The department of gerontology offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in gerontology, which are designed to educate students and develop their skills to identify and find a solution to the many issues faced by the increasing aging population in the world. The programs include hands-on training, specialized service learning components and involvement in research on public policy, end of life planning, etc.

University Of Nebraska

6. University Of Maryland

The University offers internationally recognized inter-professional and interdisciplinary research and education courses in the field of gerontology and geriatrics. The Epidemiology of Ageing Program offered by the University trains pre-doctoral and postdoctoral fellow to carry out original and independent research in the field of epidemiology. The emphasis of this training program is on the prevention of functional decline and late life disabilities of the aging population.

University Of Maryland

7. Wayne State University

The objective of the Gerontology program offered by the Wayne State University is to conduct research on the social and behavioral aspects of the aging population. The department offers professional and academic opportunities to students in the aging heath. The University also has Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience for Aging laboratory, which is presently profiling the changes in the brain associated with normal aging through MRI of the brain structure of the participants.

Wayne State University

8. Virginia Commonwealth University

The Department of Gerontology at the University provides educational programs that helps understand aging and promotes optimal aging. The primary focus of this program is to prepare students for positions in the aging services. The master’s program in gerontology offers quality education that helps students to pursue their careers as educators, researchers and service providers.

Virginia Commonwealth University