Top 8 Fully Funded Scholarships Meant For International Students

Today, everyone wants an international experience in everything be it fashion or studies. While some want it for a different experience, others are looking for an opportunity to pursue bachelors, masters, professional or some research in various fields in the top universities around the world. Talking about opportunity, there are plenty of marvelous scholarships but what you need and should focus upon is the scholarship that waivers the full tuition fee, take care of other accommodation and should let you concentrate on your studies. Such scholarships are hard to get but are they impossible? Definitely, not. Do go through such scholarships down here and explore the amazing opportunities listed under each.

Top 8 Fully Funded Scholarships

1. Fulbright Scholarships, US

Sponsored by the government of USA, this one is the best scholarship provided in US. For international students, wishing to pursue a degree programme in US, there can be nothing better than this scholarship. The students applying for this scholarship must be holding a bachelor’s degree or some equivalent degree. As it is a fully funded scholarship, it waivers the full tuition fee and provide other support also. You must know that the Fulbright scholarship allows the student to continue research and studies in all the fields. The purpose and the aim is to boost the communal understanding and diminish the cultural gap that otherwise is bridging between US and other nations. Do search for the fields of studies and also the universities listed under this scholarship.

Fulbright Scholarships, US

2. Commonwealth Scholarships, UK

Well, I must say this is popular and many students look for this scholarship but this is not the cause of worry as it provides plenty of scholarships in various category. The commonwealth scholarship announced by the commonwealth scholarship commission, UK allows the students to come and study in UK. The scholarship is meant for any student around the world whether from the developed country or developing. The commonwealth scholarship s fully funded and allows the students to pursue master’s degree, professional course or research work. Also, it provides airfare from the home nation to UK, examination fees and stipends of £1,043 every month. Do search for the universities that have signed the part funding agreement with the commission and also the courses offered by such universities.

Commonwealth Scholarships, UK

3. STEM Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship, US

As it is clear from the name only, the STEM scholarship is announced especially for the women all around the world in almost all the fields of engineering, science, and technology and mathematics education. If any woman around the world is looking for an opportunity which can provide support to become graduate in these fields then this scholarship must not be missed. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee and also provide other support like books, living expenses and more.

STEM Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship, US

4. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships, Amsterdam

The same as UK, Germany and France, Amsterdam is one of the best European place to study. It has universities that are well reputed and excellent center of education. Also, it expedites everything that can engage and foster you and actually make you something. If you are willing to try for this place then do have a thorough search at the Amsterdam excellence scholarship site. The AES provides fully funded scholarships to the international students who wish to continue their further studies from here. Although, it permits all fields but the major one are environmental science, mathematics and computer science, social and behavioral science, training engineering, fine and applied arts, medical and health science, transport and communication and natural science.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships, Amsterdam

5. Public Service Commission, Singapore

Singapore is one of the best Asian nation having loads of universities and institution. The students who want to gain an international experience are welcome here. However, the cost of education may surprise you a little but don’t worry, this should never cause the hindrance in your aim because now you may gain entry ticket to the best universities of Singapore through the scholarships announced. One such opportunity is the public service commission that provides the award to the students on the basis of leadership skills, excellence and the community engagement. The scholarship also focuses on the students who are willing to demonstrate their skills and share something.

Public Service Commission, Singapore

6. Turkish Government Scholarships, Turkey

You just need to keep searching and you will definitely come across an opportunity which backs you up throughout the duration and even more, like this one – the Turkish government scholarship. The scholarship is announced by the government of turkey to the international students regardless of any restriction on their nationality. This is a fully funded scholarship which waivers the complete tuition fee and allows its candidates to concentrate only on the studies. The students get the opportunity to complete their studies in turkey. For your surprise, there are admitted 4,000 students ever year through this scholarship.

Turkish Government Scholarships, Turkey

7. ABSA Bursary Programme

The ABSA in South Africa provides this scholarship for pursuing the bachelors and the master’s degree programme. The fields that mainly come under this field are BMI, Process engineering, business mathematics, industrial engineering, financial, investment management and other baking related fields. As this scholarship provides such a huge support of covering the entire tuition fee, it also seeks students that are capable and have proved in their respective academic fields. This scholarship enables the students to pursue a full time course and is doing its best to shape their career and build a path.

ABSA Bursary Programme

8. ADB Japan Scholarship Program, Japan

Pursuing higher education from japan differs a big time from the other developed countries. However, it can be really challenging for the students to manage funds necessary for paying the tuition fee. although there are available many huge opportunities in terms of scholarship that provide a fair stipends and other accommodation also but what can be better than a fully funded scholarship where you don’t have to worry even slightly for the tuition fee and can pay all concentration to you studies or aim. The scholarship is provided by the ADB japan scholarship program for the academically bright students form the developing countries in field such as management, agriculture, health and development, technology, economics and other related fields.

ADB Japan Scholarship Program, Japan