Top 8 Dutch Colleges And Universities Offering Scholarships For International Students

Netherland is one of the best place to study in Europe. It is the reputed universities and the highly qualified staff that is consistent enhancing its study atmosphere and making it the best place to study at. Although the cost of education is slightly high here but there are other means to get entry in its universities. Today you will know more about the top 8 Dutch universities and the scholarships provided by them. Down here are given everything about them but do visit the official site to grab more information about each. Also, try applying for if any of these scholarship meets your wishes.

Top 8 Dutch Colleges & Universities That Offer Scholarship for International Students

1. Leiden University Excellence Scholarship

The LExS or the Leiden university excellence scholarship is announced for the outstanding non EEA/EU students for pursing MSc, LL.M or the MA degree programme that is offered by the university. Do check out the list of programmes that are acceptable to study under this scholarship. The number and the type of scholarships are not specific as they may depend upon the budget that is accessible under each faculty department. You must know that there are 3 awards granted by the LExS – €15,000 for the tuition fee, €10,000 for the tuition fee or the total tuition fee minus the stationary tuition fee.

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Leiden University Excellence Scholarship

2. University Of Maastrict High Potential Scholarship

The UM high potential scholarships are awarded by the Maastricht University for the highly talented and outstanding non-EEA international students for pursuing the masters and the graduate programme for professional. Do check out the full time programme that are offered by the university. Keep in mind that the school of business and economics don’t come under this scholarship. After grabbing the scholarship, the students receive support in the form of tuition fee, living expenses every month. Visa costs, insurance cost, and various other facilities. Search the website for the number of scholarships as well.

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University Of Maastrict High Potential Scholarship

3. Radboud University Scholarship Programme

The opportunity goes to the non-EEA students again who are capable in their skills and want to pursue an English taught master’s degree programme at the Rabdoud University. The scholarship is a partial tuition fee waiver instead of the amount that you receive in your bank account. Depending upon the level and the performance of the non-EA student, the tuition fee is waivered. Also, this scholarship covers other costs like visa, liability insurance, health insurance and the residence permit. There are available 30 scholarships every year so start working hard to grab one but before that do search the website for detailed information.

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Radboud University Scholarship Programme

4. Utrecht University Excellence Scholarship

One of the most recognized university of Netherland – the Utrecht University provides scholarships to the outstanding students as an opportunity to let them pursue either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree programme at some selected fields. The excellence scholarship announced by the University of Utrecht provides the tuition fee or sometimes €11,000 along with the tuition fee and also the expenses cost. There are announced 20-25 scholarships every year for the non-EU and EEA international students.

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Utrecht University Excellence Scholarship

5. Eric Bluemink Scholarship At University Of Groningen

The Eric Bluemink scholarship is generally announced for a maximum of 1 or 2 years for pursuing a master’s degree programme that is offered by the University of Groningen. The grants received through this scholarship is generally for covering the cost of international travel, books and health insurance and other subsistence needs. Do check the master programmes like MSc, MA and LLM that is offered by the University of Groningen. The awards are limited in number therefore, don’t forget to work hard for this and also check out the website for more information.

Eric Bluemink Scholarship At University Of Groningen

6. TU Delft Excellence Scholarship

It is the Delft University of Technology that announces numerous excellence scholarship awards for the international students. One of the most recognized scholarship is the Justus and Louise Van Effen scholarship that is given for supporting students financially but you must be outstanding in your studies especially MSc and be willing to study at TU Delft. Now that the scholarship is choosing students on the basis of their academic background and excellence, it also gives benefits that are worth trying hard for such as the covering the tuition fee and also providing the monthly allowance to fulfill the living expenses for the continuous 2 years. You may choose any MSc programmes that is offered by the TU Delft University. Unfortunately, the competition is very hard as there are announced only 2 scholarships for the international students.

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TU Delft Excellence Scholarship

7. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, Netherland

The Amsterdam excellence scholarship or AES is a full scholarship that goes to the exceptionally talented students from nations outside of EU. Through this scholarship, the students may pursue a master’s programme that is offered by the University of Amsterdam. Once the student is able to prove the outstanding academic background, the AES also supports it by providing the full scholarship of worth €25,000 which can be used for covering the tuition fee and the living expenses. The eligible master’s programme that are taught in English are offered by the faculties such as the Amsterdam law school, faculty of science, graduate school of social sciences, faculty of economics and business, and the graduate school of humanities. The number of scholarships may vary as per the year therefore, do check the university’s website for this and the competition for this scholarship.

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Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, Netherland

8. University Of Twente Scholarship

The university of Twente or UTS provide this scholarship for the excellent students from the whole world. The scholarship is restricted not only to the student of EU/EEA but also to the non EU/EEA students. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the students must be applying for a graduate degree programme (MSc) at the University of Twente. The worth of the scholarship is € 6,000 to € 25,000 for every year. In case the student is engaged in a two year programme, the additional UTS of an equal amount can also be received. However, this needs the completion of the requirements. Every year, there are announced 30 scholarships so make sure that you prove yourself excellent and stand eligible for this scholarship.

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University Of Twente Scholarship