Top 8 Colleges Offering Courses In Entomology In The US

If you are looking for the best universities in the US for entomology degrees, then you are on the right page. Here we have listed universities that hold top rankings for their entomology programs that have helped their students build a successful career in the industry.  If you want more information, just visit their official website for detailed information on the programs.

Top Colleges Offering Courses In Entomology In The US:

1. University Of Florida

The department of entomology and nematology offers MS and BS programs in entomology and also online courses in entomology. The natural ecosystem, the lab facilities, excellent faculty all provide students a unique opportunity to learn fundamentals, address pest problems, provide assistance in reducing the use of chemical pesticides, find alternative methods for pest control, engage in research and find a career in the industry.

Visit University Of Florida

University Of Florida

2. University Of Maryland

Entomology department offers graduate and undergraduate programs that are recognized internationally and enables students develop their interest and skills in their focus area such as agricultural pest control, ecology control, insect pathology, pesticide technology, green industry and urban pest management, etc as well as take part in the development of newer management techniques and information on insects and ecology.

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University Of Maryland

3. Clemson University

Clemson entomology programs, both graduate and undergraduate prepare students to take up careers in various basic as well as applied insect sciences. The programs are designed in such a way that students become professional entomologists and researchers and play an important role in manufacturing, biotechnology, human and animal health, agriculture urban environment and many other industries.

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Clemson University

4. Cornell University

Department of entomology which is more than 100 years old with the best faculty members is one among the top ranked place to take up entomology studies. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on pest management, insect diversity, insect-plant interaction, insect-microbe interaction, biological control, public education, medical entomology, pesticide toxicology, etc.

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Cornell University

5. University Of California-Davis

The department of entomology and nematology offers graduate programs in entomology that deal with a range of topics including evolution, ecology diversity of insects, behavior, interaction with plants, integrated pest management, apiculture, chemical ecology, medical entomology, insecticide toxicology, etc.  Thesis and non-thesis MS programs are offered by the department.

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University Of California-Davis

6. Ohio State University

The Main Campus of Ohio State University offers degree programs in Entomology. Insects are used as model systems to understand the molecular biology, genetics, evolution, ecology and physiology of insects. Entomology is studied in the undergraduate courses both major and minor and also at graduate level (M.S and Ph. D). The programs provide a basic background to students in the biological sciences with in-depth study of applied entomology and insect biology. The graduate curriculum helps students gain advanced understanding of insect biology, and the economic threats to insects.

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Ohio State University

7. University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The Entomology Department at the University is topnotch graduate training institution that is committed to research in basic and applied insect biology. The University offers MS as well as Ph. D degree programs in Entomology and also an undergraduate major program. The department has excellent research facilities. For students studying biodiversity, the department provides a vibrant research collection and outstanding imaging equipment.

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University of Wisconsin-Madison

8. Pennsylvania State University

The Department of Entomology of the Penn State University offers Undergraduate minor as well as one of the top graduate programs in entomology (M.S and Doctor of Philosophy). This graduate program is ranked the best by the National Research Council. It encourages the student to implement innovative research in the insect sciences.

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Pennsylvania State University