Top 7 Universities To Study Architecture In France

France is an excellent choice for international students to study architecture. It is a country that is well known for its diversity and being a neighbour of the UK, it offers vibrant culture. It is basically more economical to study in France since many universities have drastically reduced tuition fees as compared to the other countries. France is a home to architectural monuments and museums. Also known as City of Light, France is one of the favourite European destinations for the students across the world.

The culture of France is so rich that you would like to explore it along with learning French while studying architecture in the France universities. France is a hub of architectural schools and many France institutions offer an amazing opportunity of studying abroad to the students. It would be fun to learn about the local culture, customs, language skills and many more.

Following Are Some Of The Top Universities In France That Offer Courses Related To Architecture:

1. LISAA Paris

LISAA Paris is one of the best institutions in France to study a wide range of architecture related courses. It has a dedicated Interior Architecture and Design department that provides latest tools and technologies to the students such as large-format printer, 3-D printer and laser cutting machine. 1 year foundation course in architecture and around 4 Master level degrees in architecture can be studied here that include Interior Architecture & Design, Master Interior Architecture & Connected Design, Master interior Architecture & Service Design and Master Interior Architecture & Global Design. LISAA stands for L’Institut Superiur Des  Arts Appliques and is well acclaimed as one of the top schools where students are given the opportunity to undergo internships abroad.

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2. Kent University, Paris

Paris is one of the campus locations of a UK based university, called Kent University where Master programme in architecture is taught. Students can study MA in Architecture and Urban Design which is shortly abbreviated as MAUD. Students firstly study for 1 term at the Canterbury campus in the UK and then study in the Kent University, located in Paris, during the spring term. Thus, it brings an amazing cross-cultural study experience for the students. In the Paris campus of Kent University, all the courses are taught in English. The university also allows students to take French courses to enhance their language skills and to know more about the French culture. It is also home to one of the finest libraries in Europe with the availability of amazing library facilities.

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Kent University, Paris


ENSA-V stands for National School of Architecture of Versailles and is ranked among the top 20 state schools for architecture. The institution is aimed at training the architects who can develop their skills through a wide range of professional practices and new assignments in order to meet the growing demands of architects in the world. It offers various high education courses such as diploma, BA, MA, PhD etc. Thousands of students are currently studying in this highly reputed institute. It is one of the 6 schools in Paris that are situated in amazing geographical location. It offers BA in architecture which is a 3 years course and MA in architecture which is 5 years in duration. During the course, students are given the amazing opportunity to discover ancient as well as modern architecture through study abroad trips.

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4. University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux offers courses in architectural studies. These courses are meant to train the architects and the training is organized into 3 cycles. In the first cycle of architectural studies, 3 years of study leads to diploma in architecture that confers degree of license. In the second cycle, 2 years of study leads to diploma that confers Master degree. Lastly, doctorate course in architecture is available for 3 years in the ENSA laboratories. The university also offers 2 weeks preparatory course in architectural studies for the high school students. To apply for the postgraduate courses, applicants are required to pay 37 Euros which is the non-refundable processing fee. The university also conducts interview to select the right candidates while there is no written admission test.

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University of Bordeaux

5. National School of Architecture De Grenoble

The National School of Architecture De Grenoble has a dedicated Grenoble School of Architecture that offers academic as well as professional education to the students. There are many Bachelor, Master and PhD level courses available at the university. Grenoble School of Architecture offers specialized degree in the field of design, called as DPEA Design for Architecture. It also offers a specialized degree during the 3rd cycle which is termed as DSA Earthen Architecture. Apart from this, there are degrees awarded in partnership with other universities. For example, Territorial Sciences Master degree is offered by Institute of Alpine Geography, Town Planning Institute and Pierre Mendes France University along with the partnership of ENSAG. Thus, there are many specialised degrees available viz. professional Master degree, research Master degree, DPEA and DSA. Free access to library, professional coaching and internships are essential elements of this university.

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National School of Architecture De Grenoble

6. ENSAP Lille

ENSAP Lille is the abbreviation for Ecole Nationale Superieure D’ Architecture Et De Paysage De Lille. It offers world class educational programs in architecture such as BSc in Architecture and Master in Architecture. BSc in Architecture is a 3 year program that allows the students to gain theoretical as well as practical understanding of the architectural projects. Master in Architecture is a course that awards students with French Master in Architectural degree. Students are given the options of different study areas out of which they need to choose one. Students pursuing postgraduate studies are required to complete 6th year in order to gain authorization for practicing in France and graduates are required to complete a sandwich programme of 6 to 12 months long which combines ENSAPL courses with hands on experience.

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7. ENSAL Lion

Another prestigious institute in the area of architecture is France. It offers a wide variety of education programs for the intended students such as Plural Training, The Architecture License, The Master Architecture, The Master and The Double Course City and Urban Environments, The Double-Degree Engineer or Architect and more. These are excellent courses to offer theoretical as well as practical understanding of the architecture field. These diploma and degree level courses provide excellent exposure to the students to get themselves trained under the roof of topmost architecture universities in France. Other than this, these courses include providing hands on experience to the students which guarantees quality education and that can revolutionize the whole architectural world.

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