Top 7 Universities In The World To Study Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is the blend of biology and computer science. If you have interest in both these disciplines and you just cannot afford to lose any one of these subjects, bioinformatics is the right discipline for your study. Bioinformatics has recently developed into a highly potential discipline with its path breaking applications in treating diseases and health related problems. Many tools and techniques have already been developed while many are being designed that can be used to develop drugs to cure life threatening diseases. There are several universities around the world that offer bioinformatics courses where you can study and explore the bioinformatics subject.

Below Are Some Of The Universities Across The World That Offer Bioinformatics:

1. Fontbonne University, United States

Established in 1923, Fontbonne University is located in the St. Louis city of Missouri State of the United States. It has a dedicated Mathematics and Computer Science Department which offers courses in Bioinformatics of certificate, minor, undergraduate, graduate certificate and graduate level. The department provides all the resources and expertise to the students to help them become leaders in the society. It facilities the students in exploring their chosen areas of interest and enhance their knowledge by making the four established computer labs available to the students; cyber security lab, undergraduate computer lab, graduate computer lab and Fontbonne mobile lab. The university also provides Griffin Technology Scholarship to the students that range from $6000 to $10000 per year. Jack C. Taylor Library at the university brings all the digital resources, library tutorials, books, DVDs etc. that enable the students to research and study effectively.

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Fontbonne University, United States

2. Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Founded in 1845 with its roots back in 1810, Queen’s University Belfast is among the top 1 percent universities across the globe. It is one of the 24 research intensive universities that are part of Russell Group in the United Kingdom. Located in the largest city of Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast has a well-established Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences that offer Master of Science in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics, a one year taught program. Cancer Bioinformatics and Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology are the two research centres related to the study of bioinformatics available in the university that students can take advantage of. The university is committed to provide education and training to the bioinformatics students by making them understand and use the modern methods of tissue imaging, bioinformatics and computational biology.

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Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

3. Carleton University, Canada

The Department of Biology at the Carleton University offers Bachelor of Science Honours degree with major in Bioinformatics. There are several other graduate courses available in bioinformatics with other departments such as Master of Science with specialization in Bioinformatics, Master of Science in Mathematics with specialization in Bioinformatics, M.C.S with specialization in Bioinformatics and M.A.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering with Specialization in Bioinformatics. Apart from bioinformatics, you also study other courses such as biology, computer science and biochemistry in the collaborative programs. Located in the Ontario province of Canada, the Carleton University has various prominent faculty members working in Genomics and Bioinformatics research areas. The university also provides various co-op as well as internship opportunities to the students. It’s location in Ottawa area also brings huge advantages to the university students.

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Carleton University, Canada

4. University Of New South Wales, Australia

The University of New South Wales offers world class education in bioinformatics. There are a number of undergraduate courses of BE (Hons) Bioinformatics Engineering made available at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. These are the unique undergraduate programs of this university as compared to the other universities offering bioinformatics courses. The Faculty of Engineering is responsible for providing these undergraduate degrees. The major feature of these engineering degrees in bioinformatics is the 60 days industrial training program that provides excellent industry exposure to the enrolled students. Moreover, students are also given the opportunity to work on projects in their fourth year of studies which enhance their research and computing skills.

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University Of New South Wales, Australia

5. University Of Queensland, Australia

The University of Queensland is positioned among the top 50 universities in Australia. Its Faculty of Science Study Planners offers Bachelor of Biotechnology with major in bioinformatics and dual major degree of Bioinformatics and Innovation Management. It is highly popular as the leading university in the areas of teaching and research. The University of Queensland was founded in 1909 where more than 6000 students study in the full-time courses. The graduate job rate for the students of this university is 73%. The library of this university has rich collection of books, online journals, print journals and online databases that student can find really beneficial for their studies. According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Queensland is ranked as the 51st best university in the world. The university has joined hands with edX to provide MOOCs courses to benefit thousands of students across the world.

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University Of Queensland, Australia

6. University Of Pittsburgh, United States

The School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh has a dedicated Department of Biomedical Bioinformatics that offers various training programs of certificate, non-degree, Master’s and Doctoral levels in biomedical bioinformatics. This department has excellent laboratories for conducting research that include ACT Biomedicine Lab, Centre for Causal Discovery, Cooper Lab, PRoBE, RODS, The Vis Lab, TRIADS and Tsui Lab. Located in Pittsburgh, the university is one of the topmost universities in the United States. There are a wide range of research areas available in the university such as Biostatistics, Clinical Informatics, Clinical Predictive Modelling and others. The faculty members of this university are leaders in providing teaching and research support.

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University Of Pittsburgh, United States

7. University Of South Australia, Australia

The University of South Australia has dedicated Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment that offers postgraduate education programs in bioinformatics. Masters by Research and Doctor of Philosophy are the two postgraduate degrees with specialization in bioinformatics. The research program lets the students be immersed in the theoretical and applied aspects of research that develop your academic as well as professional research skills. Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre, also abbreviated as PBRC, is a well established research centre with the aim of allowing the students to conduct advanced level of research by applying the techniques of mathematics, statistics and computation. The research centre also conducts seminars as well as events that can enhance the knowledge of students.

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University Of South Australia