Top 7 Scholarships Provided By The Government Of Europe

Europe being an excellent and most admired center of higher education has some of the most cherished universities and institutions in the whole world. Along with enhancing its education, the government of Europe is doing its best to make the education affordable for all. For this very reason, it has founded plenty of scholarship plans for the international students. Top 7 such scholarships are mentioned down here. Just go through them and find out further details about each at the respective official site.

Top 7 Scholarships Provided By The Government Of Europe

1. Netherland Fellowship Programme

The fellowship works toward capacity building within the organizations that is in 51 countries. The aim is met by providing education and training to the professionals. The Netherland fellowship programme allows its scholars to use the fellowship for master studies, short courses and the PhD studies at the Dutch universities or the academic institutions. The fellowship is actually a supplement of the salary that the fellow would be receiving during the study period. The allowance given is to be used for the tuition fee, visas, and travel cost, insurance. Living costs and thesis research.

Netherland Fellowship Programme

2. DAAD Scholarships For Development Related Postgraduate Education

I must say that this is one of the most prestigious scholarship of Europe. The scholarship is provided by the German academic exchange service called DAAD to continue postgraduate degree at the German universities. The preference is given to the international students and the young professionals especially from the developing countries like Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Central Europe Africa and the pacific islands. Before applying for this scholarship, you must check out for the programmes that are provided by the universities. Depending upon the programme and the performance of the scholar, the scholarships can be partial or full tuition fee waiver. The duration of the scholarships can range from 12 to 24 months however, it may vary depending upon the university.

DAAD Scholarships For Development Related Postgraduate Education

3. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Switzerland is another very reputed country for pursuing higher education. It has some of the best universities and institutions where getting admitted is a dream to many. The Swiss government has taken the initiative of choosing the academic excellent students from all over the world and supporting them financially. It allows students from about 180 countries and grant them the opportunity to pursue postdoctoral research or doctoral research in any academic field on a recognized institution or some public funded university of Switzerland. The scholarships that are provided by the Swizz government grants the monthly allowance, health insurance, tuition fees, lodging allowance, air fare and many other facilities.

4. Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

The students from the developing countries who wish to undertake a full time master course at some Swedish institute may apply for these scholarships. The institutions that have made the dream of getting to study at Sweden possible are the Swedish higher education institutions and the Swedish universities. You may check out the list of such institute at the official site. The scholarships are aimed for students who are highly qualified and whose talent must not go in vain. The scholarships that are granted to the students cover the tuition fee, and provide some travel grant, insurance and living expenses. Every year, there are announced about 550 scholarships. Also, don’t forget to inquire more about the scholarship, programme details and the eligibility requirement at the respective universities’ site.

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

5. Danish Government Scholarships For Non-EU or EEA Students

The Danish ministry of education announces a number of scholarships every year. The scholarship goes only to the highly qualified and motivated students residing outside of EU/EEA who are working hard on the aim of pursuing a full degree programme at the participating Danish universities. Do check out the list of the participating institutions at the site. Depending on the performance and the programme, the support from the scholarships can vary. In some cases, these can be partial while in some, full fee waiver. Also, the grants for covering the living costs can be granted. The number of scholarships are limited so you might need to try harder to grab one. You must know that these scholarships are administered by the respective higher education institution, therefore you must ask for more details at the institution where you want to admit.

6. Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Italian government scholarships are announced by the government of Italy for the international candidates and the Italian citizens who have been residing in abroad for several years. The scholarships are given for pursuing an undergraduate degree course, university courses, advanced vocational training, research under the academic supervisions, master degree courses, art, dance and music courses, PhD courses, cultural courses for teacher knowing Italian as their second language, and advanced courses for Italian language. you may find the list of courses that can be pursued at the official site. The duration of the scholarships can differ as per the courses and it may last for 3 or 6 or 9 month. However, in case of Italian language teacher, the maximum duration of the scholarship is one month. The scholarships are for applying at the institutions within the Italian research system and the public education.

Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

7. Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

The Eiffel excellence scholarships are very famous among students who want to continue higher education in an expensive country as France. The scholarships are provided by the ministry of foreign affairs of France as a medium to attract the brilliant students from all over the world and continue their masters and PhD degree program at the affiliated institute of France. You must know that the scholarships are possible all due to the joint collaboration of the French universities and the academic institutions. The scholarship holders receive a certain allowance every month together with the monthly expenses such as the health insurance, cultural activities and return trips cost. However, these scholarships does not cover the cost of the tuition fee. The funds provided under the scholarships last for the duration of 13 to 36 months if pursuing master course. Through the joint supervision and the dual enrolment, the Eiffel excellence scholarships have made possible the PhD students to stay in France for 10 months.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships