Top 7 Scholarships For Postgraduate Courses In New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most preferred countries for higher studies, especially for the international students. However, the cost of bearing the education is high while students also need sufficient funds for covering the cost of living. To aid the international students, government of New Zealand as well as the universities offer plenty of scholarships to the postgraduate students. They are enough to cover the cost of tuition fee, food, accommodation and even travel charges. Since thousands of applicants are applying for these scholarships, the selection criteria are very competitive.

Following Are Some Of The Top Scholarships Available For The Postgraduate Courses In New Zealand:

1. Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program

The University of Auckland, one of the topmost universities in New Zealand, offers ADB (Asian Development Bank) Scholarships for various master degree programmes in the field of public health, environmental science, arts, international business, commerce and engineering. The ADB scholarship was founded in April 1988 and is financed by Japanese government. It provides an excellent opportunity for qualified candidates from countries belonging to the developing nations and having membership with ADB.

The ADB scholarship covers the cost of tuition fee, air travel charges and basic cost of living. Special grant is also available for preparing thesis, for the scholars, who are conducting research. Two years of work experience is one of the mandatory conditions for applying to this scholarship. Applicants are required to submit IELTS score card and academic transcripts along with their application.

Asian Development Bank - Japan Scholarship Program

2. New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS)

The New Zealand Development Scholarships are available for the students who hail from developing countries in the regions of Africa, Africa (Commonwealth), Asia, Latin America and Caribbean. Those students who are pursuing postgraduate certificate program of 6 months, postgraduate diploma of 1 year, Master’s degree of 1 to 2 years and PhD programs of 3 to 4 years can apply for these scholarships.

Further to this, these scholarships provide an amazing opportunity for students from developing nations to study in New Zealand, improve their skills and contribute to its development. New Zealand Aid Programme and, Overseas Aid and Development programme of New Zealand government are responsible for funding these scholarships. Above all, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand is the authority that manages these scholarships.

3. University Of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship

The University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship is available for the international applicants. This scholarship aids the students to pursue their Master’s degree. In order to apply for this scholarship, the applicant firstly should be an international student. He must have been obtaining his first Master’s degree and it must be a thesis based degree. The selection criteria for choosing the applicants are highly competitive and are based on the academic scores as well as the potential of applicants to conduct research during their studies. $1300 New Zealand Dollars is the stipend given to the selected students on a yearly basis. Along with this, they are also entitled to get concession on tuition fee for a period of 1 year. There are, in total, 4 scholarships to be given under this scheme. Thus, the selection process is very competitive.

University Of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship

4. New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships are also abbreviated as NZAS. These scholarships represent the close relationship between New Zealand and Southeast Asian countries. The main aim of these scholarships is to equip the individuals with the required skills, knowledge and qualifications. On the whole, such aiding scholarships empower the students who can make contribution in their respective regions in terms of social, economical and political development after they complete their graduation. Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Viet Nam, Malaysia and Philippines are the eligible countries from which students can apply for these scholarships. Qualifications including postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, Master’s degree and PhD programs are acceptable programs under this scholarship scheme.

New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

5. University Of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship is the opportunity available for some of the countries from different parts of the world which are listed in the list of regulations. This scholarship is provided to the taught postgraduate course. Apart from this, students who are taking admission in under-graduation degree or those who are entering their schools or leaving the schools can also apply for this scholarship. There is no subject area listed for categorisation in order to apply for this scholarship. Hence, students from any area of study can apply. The mandatory condition for these students is that they should be enrolling in the University of Waikato for the first time irrespective of their level of study. The amount of scholarship is up to $10000 and is applicable directly to the selected student’s tuition fees.

University Of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

6. University Of Auckland International Postgraduate Scholarships

Established in the year 2016, University of Auckland International Scholarships are meant to attract highly talented students from all across the world for pursuing undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs offered at the university. Students who are enrolled for taking admissions in the postgraduate diploma course or taught Master degree accounting of minimum 120 points are eligible though students undertaking undergraduate course can also apply for these scholarships. These scholarships are available for 1 year period and is paid bi-annually.

Up to 14 scholarships are available, as a whole, under this scheme. For the postgraduate applicants, the amount of scholarship is up to $10000. This scholarship remains open for a period of 6 weeks and then gets closed. The selection of high calibre students is carried out by a selection committee and the decision on application is usually taken within 6 weeks after closing date of applying is over.

University Of Auckland International Postgraduate Scholarships

7. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

One of the popular scholarships among students is New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships. Only the applicants from Commonwealth countries are eligible for these scholarships from regions of Africa, Caribbean, Asia and Pacific. The purpose of providing these scholarships is promote intellectual achievement of highest level, mutual cooperation and sharing of educational experience among all the Commonwealth countries. Those who want to pursue Master’s degree or PhD programs are eligible for these scholarships. The selection team prefers the students with strong academic ability and leadership qualities. Other than this, commitment towards development of home country is also taken into consideration while selecting the applicants. Applicants who are applying for postgraduate program in the areas related to priority sector in their home country are preferred too.

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships