Top 7 Government Funded Scholarships In Asia

Continuing education in a foreign land without having to spend much on your tuition fee and other expenses is always amazing and what we all want. In case of government funded scholarships, it is the government that takes care of everything required for the study of the student. In this article is focused the top 7 scholarships that are funded by the government but are for studying in Asia. these scholarships are provided by the respective government of each nation where you get to study at. Just go through these 7 scholarship plans and try knowing more about each at the official site.

Top 7 Government Funded Scholarships In Asia:

1. Chinese Government Scholarships

Established by MOE, this scholarship is possible all due to the support and the kindness of the Chinese government. To make this scholarship possible, MOE has signed a joint education exchange agreement with the Chinese government and the government of the other nations, their universities, institutions or the international organizations. This is a bilateral program which means that it can either be full or partial. There is a huge scope in this scholarship as it allows all kinds of doctoral program, master degree program, undergraduate program, senior scholar program or the general scholar program. The fields of study can be checked at the respective site of the applied university or institution. Also, don’t forget to check out for the support and the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, must contact the Chinese embassy in your region.

Chinese Government Scholarships

2. Taiwan Scholarships

Through the ministry of education of Taiwan government, the scholarship was established. It allow the students to pursue either a bachelor, master or PhD course in Taiwan. You must know that the scholarship program was established with the main aim of attracting the outstanding international students so that they can be encouraged for to perform leadership in the future. The goal is also to enhance and strengthen the friendship and understanding with the other countries around the world. The scholarship goes to the international students who wish to continue further education in Taiwanese universities or college through. After receiving the scholarship, the students receive funding such as academic fees, tuition fee, and other subsistence allowance. You must check out for the course if available at your desired university or institution. Also, remember that the funding of scholarship may depend largely on the course that you wish to take.

Taiwan Scholarships

3. Turkey Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the government of Turkey. The support is huge because this is a full tuition fee waiver scholarship. The award is distributed for pursuing a postgraduate programme at the listed institutions of turkey. There is no restriction at the nationality as it allow students from across the globe to come to turkey and continue the postgraduate education there. Once the scholarship is grabbed, the student continue to receive support such as monthly stipend, full tuition fee, 1 year Turkish language course for free, round trip air ticket, health insurance and state- run dormitory accommodation for free. Provided that the government is doing its best to make the international students feel home, the candidates are also expected to outdo in their applied academic field.

Turkey Scholarship

4. Japanese Government Scholarships

The kindness and the humbleness of the Japanese government has made this scholarship possible. It allow the international students to come to japan and continue the further study there. The scholars with the help of this scholarship can complete their undergraduate education or research. When it comes to the Japanese scholarships, the support is always huge. In this one, the support is given to cover the school fees, travelling costs and other allowance. Do search for the monbukagakusho scholarships. There are a different categories under this scholarship. If you qualification does not meet with what it required for the scholarship then check out for other scholarships at Jasso’s website.

Japanese Government Scholarships

5. Singapore International Graduate Award

The Singapore government provides the Singapore international graduate awards to the international students who possess an excellent talent and academic background. The students must have completed undergraduate or master’s studies and have a strong interest in conducting research which would lead to doctorate or PhD in engineering and science at some university of Singapore. Once the students have grabbed the scholarship, the support is granted by the government which may prolong for 4 years. The support can be full tuition fee, settlement allowance, airfare grant and monthly stipend. You need not to worry much as there are announced about 240 scholarships every year.

6. Hong-Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

This scheme by the government of hong-Kong was established in 2009. This one allows the students to pursue PhD degree program however, the scholarship seeks outstanding caliber in its candidates. As the only aim of the scholarship is to sieve the talented individuals, it does not debars any country from it. After grabbing the fellowship, each scholar receive a certain monthly stipend and other allowances such as travel related allowance every year. The support from the government may continue for up to 3 years. You must check for the UGC-funded institutions in hong-kong and also check for the eligible PhD programmes at the institution that you wish to apply. This is a vast and amazing platform to apply as it announced not 2 or 3 but more than 200 fellowships every year.

ong-Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

7. Korean Government Scholarships

The Korean government provide a number of scholarship to the international students. The scholarships award them an amazing opportunity to continue higher education at the affiliated institutions in Korea. The aim of the scholarship is to encourage global leaders and to strengthen the ties and the bonds of Korea with other international institutions. Also, this is an amazing medium to invite the talented individuals from across the globe to come and study in Korea. The scholarship can be grabbed for completing the undergraduate or graduate program. The scholars receive support in the form of medical insurance, tuition allowance, travel fare and air fare. There are fulfilled other wishes also but that before that you have to grab one. Do check out the official site for more information.

Korean Government Scholarships