Top 6 Universities Offering Free Online Courses

In today’s highly competitive world, education is the most essential element in everyone’s life and not every time, it comes with a price. With the availability of merely online connection, sky is the limit for gaining access to advanced level of education. World’s leading universities are offering online courses free of cost to empower the learners all across the globe. Just switch on your PC and connect to the expert professors teaching you online. Learning from these amazing online courses is flexible at your own pace and too convenient for you to study anywhere. Nowadays, online courses are available in the form of audio or video tutorials along with the textual materials that makes it so easy for you to understand the concepts and technicalities involved in the subject.

1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, MIT OpenCourseWare

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is listed among the best institutions across the world. To help spread the knowledge to every learner, the university makes all the content of its courses available to be accessed freely through the web based publication called MIT OpenCourseWare, abbreviated as OCW.

On this web portal, you can study various undergraduate and postgraduate courses at no cost.

Under the course finder option on this website, you can choose topic, sub-topic and speciality of your choice. For example, if you want to study English course, you can choose Humanities topic and then select Language sub-topic. You can then choose the speciality of English as a Second Language which would display all the undergraduate and graduate courses. Interestingly, you can find assignments as well apart from the lecture notes and video tutorials in the study material.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

2. Yale University, Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses or OYC is an initiative of Yale University that provides free of cost access to selected courses including lectures and other study materials through the internet. High quality video lectures are available in the OYC portal along with other materials such as syllabi, exams, suggested readings etc.

List of courses are displayed on the website under the courses tab according to the associated departments that offer the respective courses.

Furthermore, courses from varied departments covering all the disciplines are published on the portal such as chemistry, economics, English, history, music, psychology and others. Interested learners can enjoy studying these courses and they do not need to register themselves for this. However, learners cannot avail certificates or course credits as the sole purpose of OYC is only to allow the worldwide learners an opportunity to experience studying the lessons taught by Yale scholars and scientists that can boost up their knowledge in the subjects.

Yale University

3. Carnegie Mellon University, Open Learning Initiative

Pennsylvania based top ranking university, Carnegie Mellon University, offers Open Learning Initiative platform for open learners across the world. Abbreviated as OLI, it aims to benefit students, teachers and institutions for overcoming the hurdles faced by adult learners and transforming the higher education system.

A number of universities in the US and other countries are using the OLI courses. Anyone can learn these courses at no cost at his own place.

There is no credit or certificate of completion offered by OLI as this platform is purely based on spreading the light of education. American English Speech, Biochemistry, Elementary French I, Introduction to Biology, Media Programming, Statistical Reasoning and many more courses are available on the OLI website. The unique thing about OLI is that students can sign into their account and start learning from where they had left. Also, they can get continuous feedback about their progress on the courses they are learning.

Carnegie Mellon University

4. Utah State University, USU OpenCourseWare

Utah State University OpenCourseWare is similar to MIT OpenCourseWare and other online learning platforms but there’s a difference that it also allows the learners to obtain college credits without taking the free courses under ‘credit by examination’ options such as Credit by Departmental Examination, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams and others.

You can choose your choice of course from the available list of courses and can gain access to the lecture notes, syllabus, audio lectures etc.

along with the information about the professor teaching the course and the department link that offers the course. All the courses are categorized according to the departments such as Anthropology, Biology, English, History, Physics, Economics and others. There is no registration needed to start studying the courses which are always available to be accessed free of charge.

Utah State University

5. Delft University Of Technology, TU Delft OpenCourseWare

Being the member of OpenCourseWare Consortium, the Delft University of Technology based in Netherlands is allowing access to some of the courses for free. Learning a course from TU Delft OCW does not require registration and it does not grant any degree or certificate of completing the course. Through this platform, users around the world can access high quality study materials of university level education.

It is aimed to provide learning access to all without any obstacle of geographical location.

Courses of the level of high school, bachelor and master level are available on the website of TU Delft OCW. The study material offered at the web portal includes lectures, reading materials, exams, exercises and the materials that can be accessed at iTunesU. Aerospace engineering, biotechnology, electrical engineering, language course, mechanical engineering, teacher training and many other interesting courses are available here.

Delft University Of Technology

6. Tufts University, Tufts OpenCourseWare

Tufts University has also joined the movement of providing free access to course content through Tufts OpenCourseWare. Like the other OCW initiatives, learners need not to register for the courses and would not be granted any certificate of completion but they can share their valuable feedback after finishing the courses.

It is funded by various organizations such as William and Flora Hewitt Foundation, Kurtz Family Foundation and others.

The OCW courses are organized according to the schools offering them such as School of Medicine, School of Engineering, School of Arts and Sciences etc. Students can access syllabus, lectures in the form of textual material and slides, and supplementary material for studying. Various available courses include Agricultural Science and Policy I, Biology of Water and Health, Foundations of Nutrition Science, Genetics, Introduction to Game Development and many more.

Tufts University