Top 6 Universities Of Switzerland

For Europeans, when it comes to education, it is either UK or today’s topic Switzerland. Switzerland has some of the universities that are prestigious and come much earlier in the list of the top 100 universities of the world. It is not only the Swiss but students from all over the world who wish to get admitted here. However, the only thing required is hard work like these universities put in imparting the best education throughout. Today, you are here to discover the top 6 swizz universities. Do read about them all as you never know what opportunities these universities bring for you.

Top 6 Universities Of Switzerland:

1. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology)

The highest ranked institution of Switzerland in terms of prestige and popularity, ETH Zurich is the only non-UK European university to be ranked with the top 10 best institution of the world.

Established in 1855, the university is an excellent hub for scientific and technical fields and also has established links with the impressive 21 Nobel laureates.

Today, more than 18,600 students receive education from the two campuses of ETH Zurich – the first one is situated in the center of the university while the other one situated on the outskirts. You must know that the courses at undergraduate level are taught mainly in German but most of the master’s courses are taught in English.

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2. Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne

This one is another Swiss Institute Of Technology established few years earlier than ETH Zurich in 1853. You must know that although Lausanne where the institute is located is a French speaking part of Switzerland but most of the courses are imparted in English.

The university is about half the size of the entire ETH Zurich therefore, its student population is slightly lesser by 9,900 students.

Founded as an engineering school, the university has brought developments to the extents that people value its prestige and popularity and not only dream but work hard to be a part of its discipline. At present, 13 different engineering science program and customized PhD program are taught in its fast-developing campus by the world-class faculty.

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3. University Of Zurich

With the student population of 26,000, University Of Zurich makes the largest university of Switzerland. Also, the university conducts the largest selection of study program from all the Swizz universities.

The university has admirable selection of public libraries, museums, collections, educational programs and events which includes “Senior Citizens University” as well as “children’s university.”

It has its own 160 institute’s clinics and seminars as well. With the mission of spreading education, achieving goals and playing an undisputable role in academic world, the university is recognized worldwide. You must know that the university is recognized for its 12 Nobel laureates out of which MR Albert Einstein is also one.

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4. University Of Basil

The University Of Basil, another public institution of Switzerland is famous for its broad range of master’s program that even combine academic learning with specialized experience in the best way possible

When it comes to teaching and conducting research activity, the university has a reputation and name.

The university was established in 1460, which makes it the oldest university of Switzerland in terms of campus as well as experience. The university also makes an international research university located in one of the most productive region of the world. There are several reputed institutions that hold strong ties with this university. Besides imparting education, university of basil also offers workshops, information, events and services.

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5. University Of Geneva

You may count on this university as the biggest as well as one of the oldest university of Switzerland. The university located in Geneva shares a long history of 1559 & stands as the second largest university of Switzerland right after Zurich University. The university has managed to conduct wide array of undergraduate as well as graduate programs. However, you must know that the teaching at the undergraduate level is mainly done in French while maximum of the master’s courses are imparted in English.

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6. University Of Bern

Another prestigious university of Switzerland offers top quality education and also enjoys special recognition in its several leading-edge disciplines. All thanks to the hard work and consistency of the university that today it enjoys a name that is known by everyone throughout the city.

At present, the university has 8 faculties, 160 institutions, and about 60 bachelors and about 83 master’s program with more than 200 executive programs.

If pursuing education from this university, you may even combine subjects and pursue together. Remember one thing that you will never be short of choices if you decide to pursue studies from here. Talking about the career opportunities, the university students are in huge demand outside the campus.

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