Top 6 Universities In The World To Study Applied Geology

Applied geology actually gained a lot of importance in the recent years and there’s a lot of necessity for the students opting for this course to make a proper research regarding the selection of colleges and in this context, this article features some of the best colleges and universities of the planet to study this course.

1. University Of New South Wales, Australia

This university in Australia is renowned to be one of the top notch institutions of the country and probably one of the most formidable choice to study Applied Geology for the Asian and Australian students keeping the distance factor as a perspective. Also there are three courses offered by this university in this stream where one is doctoral program while the other two are indeed masters.

Visit University Of New South Wales, Australia

University of New South Wales, Australia

2. University of Adelaide, Australia

This is yet another university of island continent but the courses of the stream are indeed quite different from the above one. University of Adelaide is known to offer two courses in applied geology where the both are actually undergraduate programs which ultimately rewards you with a bachelors degree in science. This is even one of the prominent colleges of the country and can also be a worthy choice for all the ones who are looking for undergraduate geology courses abroad.

Visit University of Adelaide, Australia

University of Adelaide, Australia

3. University At Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA

This university can be counted among one of the few institutions in the world that is known to offer engineering program in applied geology stream. Also this university offers two courses in this very stream where one is actually the doctoral program in geomechanics and geotechnical engineering while the other is actually a masters program in the same field. Hence this would definitely be a worthy option to all the ones near the American continents.

Visit University At Buffalo

University At Buffalo

4. Plymouth University, UK

This is probably the only European country to get featured in the list but it indeed has a heavy reputation in offering some wonderful courses to all the students. Plymouth University is consistently one among the top notch universities of the country and definitely a worthy choice to all the ones who are actually quite willing to undertake applied geology program soon after the high school. This university offers only a single course in applied geology and it’s an undergraduate one offering bachelor’s degree in science.

Visit Plymouth University, UK

Plymouth University, UK

5. University Of Otago, New Zealand

The kiwi country is also famed to invite many of the students from abroad to undertake a well reputed applied geology course in the University of Otago. This university is not only one of the top institutions of the country but also stands among the top notch list of the entire southern hemisphere. Also to be more precise, this university can be rated as one of the best available ones to undertake courses on applied geology where the university actually offers three courses in the stream where two of them being the masters while the other one is indeed a bachelors course. On the whole, this could be a tremendous choice for the Asian and American students.

Visit University Of Otago, New Zealand

University of Otago, New Zealand

6. Kent State University, USA

Many of the readers would definitely be delighted to see yet another US institution in the list and it’s none other than the prestigious Kent State University. This university is well known to offer a single course in the stream of applied geology and it is a doctoral program.

Visit Kent State University, USA

Kent State University, USA