Top 6 Universities In Canada To Study Textile Technology

Canada, one of the topmost study destinations for students, has a number of widely known universities in the world that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to textile technology. Canadian universities provide access to all the traditional as well as modern methods, techniques and processes involved in the textile industry and due to this benefit, students gain advantage to be able to become successful professionals after they graduate from the universities. Also, during their studies itself, they are exposed to several industry projects which further expands their horizons and broaden their skills in the diverse fields of textile and fashion.

Many textile related courses are designed in the close proximity to human’s health and environment in order to develop new clothing and textile solutions that could benefit both the mankind as well as the nature. This brings a competitive edge for students studying textile courses in Canada.

Following Are Listed Some Of The Top Universities In Canada That Offer Courses Related To Textile Technology:

1. University Of Alberta

University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, is one of the leading institutions in Canada with the student population constituting of 81% undergraduate students and 19% graduate students. The Department of Human Ecology under the notable Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences offers undergraduate degree program in clothing, textiles & material culture while MSc in Textiles & Clothing and MA in Material Culture are the graduate study programs available in the university.

The applicants require IELTS Band of 6.5 overall with no Band less than 5 in order to apply for this university. The studies related to textile technology available in the university programs cover the studies of fashion in historic and contemporary context, focus on clothes for comfort as well as protection in the workplace environment, developing and retaining the odour in textiles, and designing clothes for the disabled. An amazing aspect about the university is the clothing and textile collection at the museum that offers great exposure to the textile students.

University Of Alberta

2. Concordia University

The Concordia University is one of the topmost universities of Canada. Based in the vibrant city of Montreal in the province of Quebec, the university attracts thousands of students to study in various courses. The Department of Studio Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts, offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program in Fibres and Material Practices. For those interested in graduate studies, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Arts, Fibres and Material Practices is the postgraduate course available in the university.

The Department of Studio Arts is well equipped with all the labs and studios such as fibres structure studio, printing and dyeing studio, paper-making studio and others where students can develop their technical skills in textile arts. IELTS band score of 7 or above is the minimum English language requirement for admission. However, those with lower band scores can apply for ESL courses or they may receive conditional admission.

Concordia University

3. University Of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba, also commonly known as U of M, was established around 140 years ago and is the first university in the western Canada. It is the only research university in the region to offer more than 100 programs leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees. The Faculty of Human Ecology – Textile Sciences offers Bachelor of Science (Textile Sciences), a four years undergraduate degree program. This program is unique in its own way to focus on contribution of textiles to human health. The department also offers graduate program in textile sciences that leads to MSc degree. Having equipped with all the laboratories such as healthcare or medical textile laboratory, textile testing laboratory and computer-aided design, it provides opportunities for the students to conduct research and gain work experience. The university accepts at least IELTS Band 6.5 overall for taking admission in the courses.

University Of Manitoba

4. NSCAD University

Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University is one of the oldest universities in Canada. After completion of studies at NSCAD, students lead the industry by grabbing top ranks and becoming the successful artists in their respective fields. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles or Fashion is the undergraduate course offered at NSCAD which brings an exciting opportunity for the students to explore textile and fashion together. After finishing two years in this course, students can declare their intentions to major in textiles or fashion. This program is provided by the Faculty of Arts which offers a balanced curriculum dealing with the technical as well as imaginative skills. An important element of this course provided by NSCAD University is that the students, in their final year, are motivated to exhibit their talents at the university gallery or another venue which boosts up their confidence, making them industry ready.

NSCAD University

5. Sheridan College

Founded in the year 1967, Sheridan College offers various creative courses and it has become one of the best postgraduate institutions in Ontario. Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design at the Sheridan College offers Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Textiles) studying which you can become the master of textiles. The Textiles Studio at the Sheridan College provides you all the textile tools, techniques and processes to make you become a successful professional. This is a four years full-time course that teaches you all the traditional as well as contemporary techniques. Also, during the course, the students gain hands-on experience in the areas of 2D and 3D fibre approaches. Academic achievements, portfolios and letters of intent are required to be submitted for taking admission in this course. Students studying in Sheridan College also get Sheridan Degree Entrance Scholarship worth $1000.

Sheridan College

6. Alberta College Of Art And Design

Alberta College of Art and Design, also abbreviated as ACAD, was founded in 1926. It is located in Calgary in the province of Alberta and is the only dedicated college in the field of art, craft and design. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Fibre is the undergraduate course provided at Alberta College of Art and Design. Through this program, students can learn about the contemporary fibre and a number of processes related to fibre such as weaving, papermaking, dyeing, surface design and many more. Along with the application, students should submit their portfolio and IELTS score of at least 6.5 Band or above to apply for admission in Alberta College of Art and Design.

Alberta College Of Art And Design