Top 6 MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program For African Students To Study In USA

MasterCard, you might have heard several times but did you know that there is a foundation also that aims to provide comprehensive support to the economically weaker section of Africa particularly the individuals from the sub-African region. The foundation has partnered with various top universities and institution of USA with the aim of giving the opportunity to the people to receive the finest education and also hope for a bright future. Till date, it has supported 15,000 young people from Africa and the developing countries. Besides financially supporting, it has paved a path which has made the world seem less difficult and harsh to them and this is possible when they are taught the values, leadership, skills and the knowledge. This is the scholarship which must not be missed because it aims for far more than its own gain. Do go through these and search more about each.

Top 6 MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program To Study In USA:

1. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At Duke University

The aim of the MasterCard scholar program at Duke University is to represent the energy and the brainpower of the youth belonging to the sub-Saharan Africa. The MasterCard foundation provide a huge financial help of $13.5 million and the Duke University allows the 35 students to be a part of its discipline for the next 10 years. These 35 students receive education in 5 classes. You must know that this scholarship can only be used for pursuing undergraduate studies. In the recent years, there are selected the high caliber students who have represented their country and have achieved a lot through this scholarship.

Duke University

2. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At Wellesley College

With the help of the MasterCard foundation scholar program, Wellesley College which is known for the academic excellence in the whole world provide comprehensive support to the nine African students, its support includes mentoring, counseling, scholarships and other internship opportunities needed for the undergraduate studies. The scholars that are admitted at Wellesley, through this scholarship are able to build a future that is critical to bring success in the global economy and also prove significant in representing their respective nations. Each year, about 3 students come and become a part of the Wellesley’s discipline.

Wellesley College

3. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At Arizona State University (ASU)

In 2012, the Arizona State University had welcomed 10 students for pursuing undergraduate degree programme from 10 different African nations. It was the first time and the first class for the MasterCard foundation scholars that began at ASU. Today, the foundation provide a huge help of about $27.5 million for seven years to the university so that it can help the scholars in its tuition fee and in providing other facilities. What this university seeks is academically talented individual who have the caliber to represent the Africa by tackling the upcoming challenges. At the same time, it does not disregard the financially weaker students. The support goes to the 120 students who can continue their undergraduate education here.

Arizona State University (ASU)

4. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At University Of California, Berkeley

One of the most recognized and well reputed university, the University of California, Berkeley now has joined hands with the MasterCard foundation in order to provide support to the financially weaker students who belong to the sub-Saharan region of Africa. The program allows 113 students to grab the opportunity of receiving its holistic support. The scholars once admitted may pursue either their under graduate degree programme or the professional master’s degree. Do check the scholarship’s date as it is usually announced at about the end of the year.

University Of California, Berkeley

5. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At Stanford University

A well-known and famous university, the Stanford University is always capable of making a place in the world’s top 10 university. The fame and the reputation is gained from its consistent hard work in making education even innovative and top-notch. Also, its effort in making education reliable cannot be ignored. One such clear example is its partnership with the MasterCard foundation which provides a huge support to the highly talented individuals who are going through the economic disadvantage. For 8 years, it provides support to its chosen talented individuals. Every year, it chooses five highly qualified individuals for pursuing the undergraduate programme.

Stanford University

6. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At Michigan State University Or MSU

Partnering with the Michigan state university (MSU), the MasterCard foundation provides a full scholarship to the sub-Saharan African students. The scholarship can be sought not only for undergraduate programme but also for graduate education. The university receives about $45 million from the foundation as its fund or help in order to support the 185 scholars continuously for the nine year program. Out of these 185 students, 100 are selected for the four year under graduate program while the other 85 for the master’s degree.

Michigan State University Or MSU