Top 6 Film Schools In The World To Pursue A Career In The Film Industry

Interested in film making? Want to become a director or screen writer or an editor? Well, you might think when many of the greatest filmmakers are self-taught and self-made why do I need to join a film school for learning the same, but in today’s world a formal training is so much helpful in learning the basic art, technology and nuances involved in it. In addition, the exposure, network and contacts you get are incredible and important to shine in the industry. If you have decided to join a film school, then we have listed the best international film schools for you to choose from.

Top Film Schools In The World:

1. American Film Institute (AFI)

AFI is a non-profit organization dedicated to educational arts and preserve the American film heritage. AFI Conservatory is recognized as the top schools for learning films in the world and it offers masters program in about six disciplines such as direction, editing, cinematography, production, screenplay writing and production design. The programs enable students produce films during their study and get guidance from the experts from the industry during their special visits.

Visit American Film Institute (AFI)

American Film Institute (AFI)

2. National Film And Television School

Established in 1971, the National Film and Television School is second to not any in producing the best auteurs, show makers, screenwriters, production designers, animation specialists, cinematographers, editors, sound designers, etc. The institution offers masters in generalist filmmaking to several specialization programs to shine in the creative industry. The students produce hundreds of films a year as 90% of the studies is practical oriented.

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National Film And Television School

3. Beijing Film Academy (BFA)

BFA is the largest film school for film and TV in Asia. Established in 1950, the institution has gained international recognition through the quality film production. The institution offers film production courses in which students get to learn all basics to new technology and choose their interest of study to become an expert in the field. With specialized departments related to film production and best staff and industrial experts’ guest lectures, students learn all aspects of films and emerge as leaders in the chosen fields.

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Beijing Film Academy (BFA)

4. Columbia University

The school of arts in Columbia University is one of the best schools for learning film production in the world. Programs in screenwriting, directing and creative production are very popular among the various film study programs offered by the university and have produced many award-winning alumni in the same fields. The practical oriented curriculum enables students explore various disciplines and focuses on art, technology and cultural significance. Also, students get an opportunity to intern with international film companies and take part in the university’s student-run film club.

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Columbia University

5. La Femis

Established in 1986 in Paris where filmmaking was invented originally, La Femis has gained its reputation as one among the best schools for filmmaking in the world through its programs. The major activity of the institute is training students in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, production, sound production, distribution and several other departments of film production.

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La Femis

6. Lodz Film School

Lodz Film School is one of the top film schools of Poland, which was founded in the year 1948. The institute has produced some prominent filmmakers like Krzysztof Kieslowski, Andrzej Wajda and Roman Polanski. The school emphasizes on practical work in their teaching programme and educates their students in television, acting, photography and film art. The school prepares the students to work as animators, screenwriters, production managers, actors, editors, director of photography and as directors. The curriculum includes practical workshop classes that is accompanied by culture, art theory and history that contributes towards artistic development.

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Lodz Film School