Top 5 University Funded Scholarships For Outstanding International Students

The scholarships mentioned down here are for strictly for the ones who have the caliber of demonstrating their skills in the university and also possess leadership skills. To grab any of these scholarships, you must prove yourself outstanding in your subject and willing to undertake the courses or the program offered by the university. Just go through these university funded scholarships by different universities. Perhaps some of these hit your interest.

Top 5 University Funded Scholarships for Brilliant International Students:

1. Gates Cambridge Scholarship, UK

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship, one of the most renowned scholarship is open for all students from all over the world. The scholarships allows the students to pursue any graduate study and research in any field available in the University of Cambridge, united-kingdom. Not only this, but the student can pursue PhD, MLitt or MSC or some other one year postgraduate course in any subject that is offered by the university. The students can enjoy this full time scholarship throughout the duration of the course. Through this scholarship, the students are barred from paying their university fees and instead are provided the maintenance allowance, airfare and many other accommodations. Each year, about 100 Gates scholarship are awarded thus benefiting students from all over the world.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship, UK

2. Rhodes Scholarship, University Of Oxford

The Rhodes scholarship was established in 1902 as per the will of the Cecil Rhodes. This perhaps is the oldest and the most prestigious scholarship ever throughout the world. The scholarship is for pursuing postgraduate awards that is given to the students who have already given immense proof of their capability and brilliant mind. The students when get selected get to receive their postgraduate education at the university of oxford. There are a few countries that are eligible for this scholarship, you may check out the list at the official website. What you can get from this scholarship is the tuition fees, personal stipends, airfare from the home nation to the UK and vice-versa and health insurance. Every year, there are announced 89 scholarships for studying any full-time course. Although the basic tenure of the scholarship is 2 years, but if the students shows good conduct and excellent results, then the tenure is liable to get subjected.

Rhodes Scholarship, University Of Oxford

3. Clarendon Scholarships At University Of Oxford, UK

Each year, about 140 new Clarendon Scholarships are awarded to the graduate scholars. As the scholarship is for prestigious international students, they are expected to outdo in their course and maintain their brilliance in academic background. The scholarship is distributed on the basis of the student’s academic behavior and their potential to perform in their further studies. Through this scholarships, students with any kind of degree are welcome and such students can pursue any degree bearing course at the graduate level whether full time or part time or DPhil course. Talking about its fund, it provides full tuition and the college fees and also living expenses to its students. However, do keep in mind that any kind of diploma or certificate course cannot be studies through this scholarship.

Clarendon Scholarships At University Of Oxford, UK

5. The University Of Adelaide, Scholarship For International Students

The recognized university of Australia, the University of Adelaide has also taken initiative in educating the international brilliant students. The scholarship was established to attract the highly talented international students so that they can be a part of its discipline and offer support to the university through their individual research effort. The scholarship provided grants them tuition fees, health insurance and the annual living allowances. There are available a limited number of scholarships but there is no restriction on the master’s degree by research or the doctoral degree offered by the university. Every year, the scholarship allows its students to continue master by research for two years and three years of doctoral research. If you feel like extending the duration, then it is possible but for doctoral program only.

The University Of Adelaide, Scholarship For International Students

6. Schwarzman Scholars Program At Tsinghua University, China

The Schwarzman Scholarship is designed with the sole aim of preparing the leaders of the next generation. You must know that the Schwarzman Scholarship is the first scholarship that was ever designed to as a response to the geopolitical background of the current century. The scholarship gives the opportunity of pursuing a one year’s master’s degree programme at the Tsinghua University. However, it is only available to the brilliant minds of the world who have the potential to demonstrate their leadership skills and prove their professional network during this course. The scholarship provides all kinds of tuition funds, room and board fees, travel from Beijing and to Beijing at the beginning and the end of the year, the required books (related to the course), Lenovo laptops, smartphones, a handsome monthly stipends and health insurance.

Schwarzman Scholars Program At Tsinghua University, China