Top 5 Universities To Study Journalism In New Zealand


A journalist or any individual from the field of media, television or any other type of mass communication are known for their spontaneous, energetic personality who are always on their toes to give us different kinds of information, NEWS and other activities happening around the globe. It makes us wonder, what it takes to train and shape the personalities of all these individuals who reach in every corner of the world to give the best information and place it in front of all the citizens. It’s none other than those renowned colleges, universities worldwide with excellent professors and experts from this industry. I am today helping you with the top universities in New Zealand to study mass media and specialize in journalism.

1. The University Of Auckland

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The University of Auckland has a rich history in various areas like art, publishing, research and performance. It’s mission is to serve the society with its contributions for the innovation in knowledge. It has eight faculties, two research institutes, other institutes and centers that conducts teaching and learning. This University is placed at 82nd rank in the top 100 universities in QS World Rankings 2018. The university owns a largest research and development company in the entire Australasia along with the global connections in research, international networks, specialist affiliation, innovation and entrepreneurship. There are varied options available to study journalism in this University. The students should enroll in the Bachelor of Arts degree course and select Media, Film and Television as one of the subjects to specialise and study journalism. There are conjoint programmes also available to pursue two undergraduate degrees simultaneously. The students can also pursue masters degree with one year or two years full time course either in the form of research or taught coursework which can be specialised in Media, Film and TV to study journalism.

2. University Of Otago

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The University of Otago is the first university in New Zealand found in 1869 which will be celebrating 150 years in 2019. It is ranked 169th as per QS World University Rankings in 2016/17 and received five stars plus ranking from QS Stars for quality and excellence. It is a research oriented university with more than 195 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It has the first medical school and is the only school of Dentistry and Surveying in New Zealand. It is one of the 16 most beautiful campuses in the world with 94% of the students employed or to pursue further studies. There is a student exchange agreement in more than 100 institutions in 33 countries. This university offers a undergraduate degree in Arts with a selection of more than 40 arts, social sciences subjects wherein students can major or can opt for minors in one or two subjects and can study journalism in the Film and Media Studies subject. The students can also pursue Honours degree with an additional one year course after the Bachelor’s degree which can help in completing a Master’s or Postgraduate degree.

3. University Of Canterbury

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The University of Canterbury is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world for Communication and Media Studies as well as other subjects. The university offers a Bachelors of Arts degree since 1873 with more than 40 programmes. The students have an option to choose from 25 major subjects in the three year degree course. There are several scholarship opportunities, various options to specialise and also an option of internship course in the second and third year to gain practical experience. There is an option of pursuing a Double degree by combining two streams like Arts and Science, Commerce, etc. The students can specialise in either a major and a minor or two major subjects and can then complete Honours degree which will help in further study of a Master’s degree. This University also offers a specialised Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism which can be completed in one year after pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. The four honours courses also consists of the first year of a Master’s degree.

4. Victoria University Of Wellington

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The Victoria University is one of the oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a tradition of excellent academic record of 115 years. This capital city University founded in 1897, intends to become a great global-civic university. It has been ranked 228 in the QS World University Rankings and also ranked number 1 for overall research quality in Media Studies. It also has a five stars ranking overall by the QS Stars rating of excellence. It has over 3400 international students from more than 100 countries. The students can pursue an undergraduate Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a three or four years of full time study. You will find the best tutors, lecturers and industry experts who will teach and train to reach your goals. You will also benefit from the university ties with the government agencies and policy bodies. This university gives an option to students to graduate with a Honours degree and continue to a postgraduate programme. There is also a Graduate Diploma in Arts course designed with a shorter duration.

5. University Of Waikato

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The University of Waikato is a renowned institution that provides a future focused study and is an active player in global research. The university is ranked at 100th place in a period of four years and the research is ranked highest for quality and impact to tackle global issues. It has been awarded a five stars rating by QS Stars. It has also been ranked in the 401-500 band in the world’s top universities by The Times Higher Education World Rankings 2016-2017. There is an option to study single Bachelors of Arts degree where students can choose major, minor and elective subjects to study journalism. The double degree has an option to major in two subjects and both these programmes are for a period of 3 years. The conjoint and double degrees help you to study two bachelors degrees simultaneously. A conjoint degree will help a student to study two distinctive fields and double degree will help to focus on two subjects. The students can also pursue a postgraduate study in a taught or research based programme and graduate with Master’s degree of Arts and specialise in journalism.
All the above mentioned Universities are leading in the field of Media and Film Studies which will help the students to gain world class education with highest reputation worldwide. It will help the students to get best exposure to study and specialise in journalism with several subjects offered by the universities.