Top 5 Aviation Academies In The World

You might be having many flight academies in your country but if you want to learn flying without any worry and with all the knowledge then you must search for the best flight academy in the world. This article focuses on the top 5 flight schools in the world where students take admission just as amateur and come out as superior cadets. As these courses are not easy, therefore, the students must be prepared about the training and the difficulty level.  Do go through these schools and if you are interested and must search more about these.

Top 5 Flight Schools In The World

1. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, Europe

One for the largest aviation academy in the whole world is highly reputed in its flight training network and has 9 world-class and highly updated flight schools. It has 85 years of experience in pilot training. The cadet pilot training program that it provides is top-notch and is highly focused in training the most aspiring pilots in the world. The program that all students who aspire to become the future pilot must go through are CPL, MPL and ATPL training routes. All of these programs combine the best ground school courses with the superior flying coaching that is delivered in accordance with the requirements of the national aviation authority. The academy operates a fleet of over 200 aircraft and has resources and expertise that is top-notch to train even more than 2,000 cadet pilots every year.

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CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, Europe

2. Flight Safety Academy, USA

The academy is consistent in its hard work since 1966 when it was established to produce the finest pilots in the world. One of the best flight academy in the world, the flight safety academy trains pilots and give them an international experience. Also, it ensures a steady flow of excellently trained young pilots into the airlines and the corporate aircraft worldwide. Its motto shouts that the well trained pilot only is the best safety device in any airline and it is busy meeting its motto since it was established. Indeed, it is the experience and the unmatched practice of excellence along with regulation that several corporation, government agencies, and the military has come to bank on it without keeping a single doubt. At present, more than 17,000 graduates from the flight academy fly for over 62 airlines and also for other 100 corporate flight departments.

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Flight Safety Academy, USA

3. CTC Wings, Europe

Another very reputed aviation academy of Europe, the CTC wings through its training and expertise has proved itself the global leader in aviation management and the training solutions. The academy delivers training all around the world for individual pilots and airlines and also the basic license training through its examiner regularization programmes that is available for the veteran airlines captains. Till date, it boasts for its record of producing the highly experienced captains and pilots but still it never brags about the same. For achieving so much fame, for its reputation, art training facilities, highly qualified instructors and teams and above all, its partnership with some of the high named airlines around the world, which is possible through its hard work only, it is envied. The academy offers diverse route into the programme that brings opportunities for the confident pilots with different years of experience to receive training from CTC wings and also receive other benefits like the employment opportunities. The biggest record till date is that it has 100% placement record which means that all CTC wings cadets have so far been placed with an airline unlike several other academies.

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CTC Wings, Europe

4. International Aviation Academy Of New Zealand

The well-known aviation academy offers license/instrument rating multi engine, commercial pilot training and single engine courses to its students. The courses are offered within the flight in 230 hours of booking. The academy provides course that lasts for 52 weeks. The cost required for the course covers airway charges, study books and licensing fees. What else is necessary for the course is an immigration clearance and police clearance. Yes, as the courses are most likely to be conducted in English, a good English skills are also must.

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International Aviation Academy Of New Zealand

5. Aerosim Flight Academy, Florida, USA

The Aerosim flight academy provides various courses for CPL training which lasts for 12 months. The academy is affiliated with the Jacksonville University where a four year bachelor’s degree program can be pursued. However, the first challenge comes in the form of admission in the academy or the institution where training is very difficult and no doubt rigorous. There are various schemes & simulations that are for testing the mental strength and the decision making policy of the students. After all, the life of hundreds of passengers remains in your hand, why should it be not unparalleled and rigorous?

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Aerosim Flight Academy, Florida, USA