Top 5 Asian Universities For Economics

The figures in the world of economics are rising and so is rising the need to get admitted into a place where knowledge in flows abundant. At present, there are many universities you will hear about but it is not the reputation that you should go for but the knowledge that flows inside. Choosing the right one lies all on you and you can make a good decision if you conduct a thorough research before admitting. To ease your research, I am going to list the top 5 universities that offer a degree in economics. These universities are the best in Asia. Just go through them and find out more details about each.

Top 5 Asian Universities for Economics

1.The National University of Singapore

Through its department of economics, the national university of Singapore (NUS) has maintained great reputation in Asia and outside. The school was established in 1934 and is actually a department in the faculty of arts and social sciences (FASS). The courses are conducted in economics which leads to the degrees such as B. Soc. Sci, B.A., PhD and Masters of social science. The faculty members through its innovative means try every way possible to make the education interesting. Perhaps, it is the joint effort of its faculty members, students and the reputation of the school that it is one of the most sought school in the whole world.

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The National University of Singapore


2. Tokyo Universities

Tokyo University also famous as Todai is one of the most aspired university not only in japan but throughout the world. Because of the tough competition and the excellent result, the university has managed to stay at the top position in japan and also in Asia. It has the department of economics that accepts students on the basis of academic excellence and leadership skills. It is not only the economics department but all the other department that bear an excellent reputation and are known for the knowledge imparted. The library is famous for having the store of the best economics book throughout japan. At present, more and more students are pursuing economics and business management courses as it is becoming the base of the world. Therefore, the faculty of economics believe in imparting the best kind of education so that justice can be done to its students who come from all the way home and work their sweat out to get accepted in this university.

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 Tokyo Universities


3. Kyoto University

Kyoto University has the faculty of economics established since 1919. It is because of the hard work of the students and the leadership skills, the faculty is famous throughout japan. Today, it has the name and the fame due to the students who emerged as leaders in the world later. The faculty has its own method of teaching which is made innovative by its world class faculty and the amazing students who keep the desire to know even more and know how to tackle things at any level. Every year, about more than 100 students enroll in the university in the department of economics. What this department seeks in it students is the creativity and humanity through the study of management and economics. If you wish to enroll in this school, then do check out the English taught Asia sustainable economic development studies course which was launched in 2009.

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Kyoto University


4. Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

Singapore has many universities that offer education in the most innovative means. It has various department that have their own way of conduction education and making the study even interesting and knowledgeable. The university offers various courses such as business, science, humanities, engineering, medicine, social science and economics. Till now, this school has produced many figures who today rule at their work. All credit goes to the dedication of the highly qualified faculty that is doing everything to make education exciting to all. Now it is not only the students from Singapore but throughout the world, who want to get admitted here. Don’t believe so, check out the official website of the university.

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Nanyang Technical University, Singapore


5. The University Of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong was established in 1911 and today it stands as one of the oldest education center of Hong Kong. Due to its hard work, today the university is internationally recognized, research based and comprehensive university. The university is also engaged in academic endeavor and research that is for addressing the needs of the fast changing society that is fully knowledge based. What has never changed about this university is its respect and the humbleness to recognized and consider the importance of people. After all, no one is born leader, everyone has to be shaped. Talking about its department, it has several department, and the school of economics is one among all. It has students who work hard to succeed and the internationally known faculty that is all the time busy in showering knowledge to its students.

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The University Of Hong Kong