Top 4 Finance Courses In The World

Finance is a study which deals with how to manage money and how to acquire funds. It is related to the study of investments and the degree of risk and uncertainty involved in those investments. It also includes valuation of assets based on the risk involved and expected rate of return. Finance is generally divided into three categories- public finance, corporate finance and personal finance. As the market is becoming more volatile and because of the high degree of risk involved in it all the multinational companies are looking for experts who can analyse and understand the market in advance so as to help them protect their money from such risk. This field has a lot of potential and can provide you with a high paying career. If you become an expert in this field you will not only be in high demand in industries, you can also become a major investor in the market

We Are Providing You With A List Of Top Finance Courses And Brief Detail About Them:

1. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Chartered Financial Analyst is a program offered by the CFA institute of America. This is one of the most sought out course for students who are interested in the field of finance. An average of 4 years is required to get a CFA charter.

Students are required to clear three levels of this program where they get to learn about asset valuation, financial reporting and analysis, portfolio management etc.

You can become a financial analyst or a financial investor after completing this course. Companies like JP Morgan and Bank of America are always looking to employ CFAs. CFAs generally get to work in investment companies, banks and insurance companies.


2. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Financial Risk Manager (FRM) is a certification offered by Global Association of Risk Professionals. There are two parts of FRM which a candidate must complete; one is to clear examination on topics like financial risk management and other is 2 years of working experience in this field.

Professional risk managers are required to handle the potential market.

The topics which are covered under this course are basics of risk management, derivatives, and different types of risks such as Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, and Portfolio management. There is no negative marking in its exam. Companies are looking for experts who can protect the company from market risks involved in undesired situations through their knowledge and skills.


3. MBA Finance

MBA in Finance is another option worth considering in this field. The financial courses of MBA focus on statistics, economics, etc. The topics which are generally covered here are stock market analysis, financial instruments, foundations in finance, risk management, corporate finance, and investment banking etc. This course prepares students with the professional finance skills required to enter the top paying multinational companies. Internship is offered by successful companies like Amazon and Microsoft. People generally work as financial analyst, CFOs or investment bankers after doing MBA.


4. Certified Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner also commonly known as CFP is a certificate for financial planners given by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in the U.S. The main topics which are covered in this course are principles of finance, insurance, investment planning, asset protection planning, estate planning, state and federal income tax planning, etc. Students are required to sit for a 6 hour multiple hour exam which tests their financial planning skills.