Top 3 Netherlands Government Funded Scholarship For International Students

Netherland is an amazing place to continue education in. it is not only the beautiful but one of the best place to study. The international students are welcomed here but along with the cost of living and other expenses, it becomes quite tough to manage the tuition fee. Don’t worry, now you can apply for the scholarship and get admitted into a recognized Dutch university or institution. Down here are listed the top 3 government funded scholarship. Do go through them and also check out at the official website.

Top 3 Netherlands Government Funded Scholarship For International Students:

1. Netherland Fellowship Program

The Netherlands fellowship program or also known as NFP through its fellowships for education and training at professional level promotes the capacity building through its organizations that is based in 51 countries. It is the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs that fully funds these fellowships. The budget for this huge support comes from the development cooperation.

The institution that hosts this scholarship and promotes NFP qualified programmes and courses is the Dutch universities.

With the help of these fellowships, the students can pursue the PhD studies, master’s studies or some short time course at the Dutch University or some Dutch institution. To know more about the scholarship, you must find a course or a programme at the scholarship’s site and then contact the Dutch higher education university or the institution that is offering a course that is NFP qualified. As the scholarship is for professionals, it acts like a supplement to the salary that the schools continues to receive during the tenure of the scholarship.

Netherland Fellowship Program

2. Holland Scholarships

The international students who reside outside the zone of the European economic area or the EEA are granted the scholarships. The universities or the institution which are listed under this scholarship allows its scholars to pursue either undergraduate or a post graduate degree programme at any one of the Dutch research universities or institution of applied science in Holland.

There is no particular institution that hosts this scholarship but it is hosted by all the participating universities of applied science and the participating research universities.

The scholarship is received for the first year of studies and it amounts for € 5,000. Do check out the list of bachelor’s or the master’s programme that is offered by the participating institution. Also, the number of scholarships are not fixed every year, so whenever the scholarship is announced, you must check that at the official website.

Holland Scholarships

3. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, Netherland

After DAAD, the Erasmus mundus scholarship is one of biggest scholarship of Europe. The main aim of Erasmus Mundus is to refine the quality of education provided by the higher education in the EU and also encourage collaboration with the countries that lie beyond the EEA area.

The scholarship is possible only through the joint master’s degree programme that are offered by the partner institution that the EU member states.

The scholarship is available in Netherlands because of the initiative taken by the Dutch universities to participate in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. Through this scholarship, the student can join in the Erasmus Mundus Study Program which is in Netherlands. You must know that both the EU and the non-EU students can participate in the university and reap its benefits. However, you must show a bright academic background to stand eligible for the scholarship.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, Netherland