Top 13 Data Science Masters Programs To Study In The US

The Data Science track integrates computer science with statistics. A strong foundation in math, statistics, and computational programming are skills one need as pre-requisites.Most often MS in Data Science is a project-oriented coursework, i.e. you will have a final capstone project to complete the whole course, in addition to the number of projects that accompany the normal courses.

It is being estimated that by 2018 there’ll be a shortage of millions of professionals with Analytical capabilities & talent in the US alone.Assume the situation as Data Science is booming as a worldwide phenomenon & it is a well-compensated field as the ROI is high both for Business & business consultants.

There are 13 universities that provide a specialized Masters in Data Science course work. A list of all of them is given below according to the rankings. Take a look at the curriculum of each course, the program length, and its location. Locations do play an important role while it comes to jobs.

1. Carnegie Mellon University,  Pittsburgh

This program provides students with a world-class analytics education. The program consists of a core curriculum with the option to choose between three specialized tracks: Analytical Tools, Business Analytics, and Computational Data Analytics. This design allows students to choose electives that support their individual career goals. All courses are offered through the College of Computing, College of Engineering, and Scheller College of Business, three nationally ranked departments at Carnegie Mellon.

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Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

2. Stanford University

This program is a collaboration between Stanford’s  Department of Statistics and Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering. The core curriculum is, as you might imagine, heavy on mathematics and computer programming.Stanford’s key location in Silicon Valley has its benefits. For example, Stanford students are permitted to use Amazon’s EC2 cloud platform to do large-scale computing.

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Stanford University

3. Cornell University, Ithaca

Students in Cornell’ss interdisciplinary program master the methods and technologies tied to strategic decisions; develop technical skills such as software development and statistical analysis, as well as the skills needed to effectively communicate their results.

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Cornell University

4. University Of Wisconsin – Madison, WI

The program focuses on using analytics in day-to-day business processes and managing it effectively. Required courses include data mining, applied regression models, analytical decision-making tools, and business analytics strategy. The curriculum also includes internship opportunities and a capstone practicum project with local companies such as American Express and Intel.

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University Of Wisconsin

5. Columbia University, New York

Columbia’s Data Science Institute is a collaboration between 9 of the university’s schools. It’s a diverse group, running the gamut from the Fu School of Engineering to the Journalism School and the  Mailman School of Public Health. MS students have the option of selecting an Entrepreneurship track, as well as elective tracks covering areas like cyber security, health analytics, and smart cities. Master of Science in Data Science.

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Columbia University

6. University Of Maryland

The aim is to produce graduates cross-trained in business process analysis and skilled in predictive modeling, GIS mapping, analytical reporting, segmentation analysis and data visualization. Students acquire hands-on knowledge through applied research experiences at Heinz College’s iLab. They must also complete a summer internship and a team-based practicum project with an external company.

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University Of Maryland

7. University Of Southern California, Location: Los Angeles

the program provides a very strong technical education in the field, while also teaching communication, management, and teamwork skills that are essential for real-world work in the field. California is also a great city to live in while you are working on your degree.

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University Of Southern California

8. New York University

NYU’s Center for Data Science works with schools and colleges across NYU’s organization to help lead the university’s efforts in data science. It works especially closely with two other centers, the Center for Urban Science and Progress and the Center for the Promotion of Research Involving Innovative Statistical Methodology.The MS in Data Science includes a capstone project where students apply what they’ve learned to a  real-world problem. Other requirements include courses in Machine Learning & Computational Statistics; and Inference & Representation.

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New York University

9. University Of Virginia,  Charlottesville, VA

A great program that focuses on the mix of statistics, data analysis, marketing, business, MIS and industrial engineering. The program graduated more than 750 students in 10 years with great internship and placement statistics.

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University Of Virginia

10. University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN

The program offered by Minnesota is small in duration but highly effective as it focuses more on gaining experience than dealing with students in classes. the classes are very small (under 30 this year) and mostly on Fridays and Saturdays with the professors giving a lot of one on one attention. This gives the students an amazing opportunity to experience a hands-on education.

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University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities,

11. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

The program offered by Rutgers University is well regarded in the in the industry and the best part is they place 100% of their students before graduation. It’s relatively cheaper compared to other programs and they return on investment is 19 months for instate students and approximately 26 months for out of state students.

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Rutgers University

12. Indiana University, Bloomington

Programme at Indiana is extensively focused on training the students from participation in major analytics conferences and career mentoring during their stay. The school boasts a 100% placement rate for their recent graduates and is dedicated to producing professionals ready to make an immediate impact in the field.

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Indiana University

13. Michigan State University,  East Lansing, MI

This MS degree is directed to professionals and students who want to expand their skills in fact-based decision making and who acknowledge that marketing success comes only from a better understanding of the customer.The faculty team is spectacular and the most beautiful thing is that they are working a lot with the industry and have incredible partners, both academic and industrial, like Google, Yandex or Spotify.

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Michigan State University