Top 10 Universities In Australia Providing Courses In Psychology

Psychology is one of the subjects in the entire study arena which trains students to study the minds of people and help them overcome several mental disorders. It helps them to study, analyse, research human behavior and help them to recover from the illnesses and disorders.

There are several leading universities worldwide providing courses in this subject of study. Australian universities offer phenomenal courses which are renowned worldwide. I am today sharing details about the top ten universities in Australia that are rated by US rankings 2017 throughout the world who provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Psychology.

1. University Of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is ranked number one by US rankings 2017 which operates differently compared to other universities. The students have wide options to study in the areas of their interest. There are more than 100 subjects to major in the degrees that students can consider in the study curriculum. It offers Bachelor’s Degree to start with and then graduate with the specialisation. The students can select to major in a subject of specialisation at the day one of their degree course and study psychology through both Arts & Science stream. The mechanism of study, research and engage helps the students groom themselves to become industry experts with career opportunities in about 5-10 different segments in psychology.

University of Melbourne

2. University Of Sydney

This university is ranked second by the US rankings 2017 throughout the world. It is another university which offers students to graduate with several subjects to opt from with specialisation in psychology. The students undergo a Bachelor’s Degree and then can pursue a Doctorate Degree to become a professional registered psychologist. The campus is ranked among top ten for it’s beauty around the world which attracts students and study in the university. There are different kinds of programs and events organised by the university to help students for better career prospects.

University of Sydney

3. University Of Queensland

This University of Queensland is ranked among top 50 in the world and stands at the third position by the US rankings 2017. It is one of the leading universities in research and teaching. Unlike other universities, in this university students can opt to graduate through three degree courses i.e. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. And it offers several subjects in the initial year of course and then students specialise in psychology. It offers a learning environment that is difficult to rival with it’s excellent study curriculum and research methodology.

University of Queensland

4. Monash University

This Monash University is ranked 4th by US rankings 2017 in the world. One of the biggest assets of this university is that they believe in global presence. They not only have campuses in Australia but also have offshore campuses in Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, India and China. With it’s rich history, optimistic and collaborative approach the university has set it’s standard of education globally. It believes in the motto of learning and exploring new concepts to help students and their staff in new ambitions and goals. The varied fields of study within the subject, experienced researchers, connections with industry and non-profit organisations help students to excel in the study of psychology.

Monash University

5. Australian National University

The Australian National University is ranked at the 5th position by US rankings 2017 in the world. This university is renowned for research, specialises in discovery and addresses challenges faced around the world. It is ranked first in Australia and second in the world for the highest graduate employability. With the highest qualified teachers in the world’s most liveable city of Canberra, it offers flexibility and study options in over 170 countries. One of the unique features about this university is that, It offers single and double degree courses with several subjects, specialisation, systematic study curriculum with additional assignments.

Australian National University

6. University Of New South Wales

This University of New South Wales is ranked at the sixth position by the US rankings 2017 in the world. It offers high quality teaching programs with the research activities, industry links, regional and global engagements. It organises several forums which highlights the issues faced by the society. It is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan universities with students coming from 128 countries and offers extensive range of study programs. It has the highest number of entrepreneurs, top CEO’s and largest number of millionaires in the industry. Students can select from eight programs to major in the subject of psychology with a range of single and dual degrees in Science, Arts or Business. Unlike, other universities, in this university you have an option to enroll in a degree with psychology subject as a non-award student even if you have graduated earlier with a different specialisation.

University of New South Wales

7. Macquarie University

The Macquarie University is at the 7th position ranked by the US rankings 2017 throughout the world and is consistently ranked among the top 2% of universities in the world. With it’s rich and pioneering history, it has a distinctive and transformational approach in the field of research. The high level of research has helped to innovate and tackle big issues faced in today’s world. The university helps students to achieve their careers with a three stage process of career accelerator wherein it starts with “educate” – helping find the best career, “ enable” – helping to secure a placement in the industry and lastly “empower” where students are examined and help is given to improve in their career. This university offers an option in single and dual degree specialisation with over 100 programs.

Macquarie University

8. James Cook University

The James Cook university is known for it’s unique spectacular tropical location which attracts students from Australia and overseas with location in Cairns, Singapore and Townsville. It is ranked among the top 2% and eighth position by the US rankings 2017 in the world. It also conducts significant research which is known globally and ensures that the students and the industries benefit with the teaching. learning and research provided by the university. The students have an option to complete the course with single and double degrees coupled with Masters and PhD Degrees in Psychology offering wide range of specialisations.

James Cook University

9. Curtin University

The Curtin University is ranked at the 9th position by US ranking 2017  and also in the top 2% of the universities worldwide. It is the most culturally diverse universities with third largest international student population. It has a rich history with an innovative approach towards teaching and research since it’s inception in 1900. The courses offered are recognised globally with varied subjects that students can select and previous study or work experience in this field is considered during the admission with a single and dual degree.

Curtin University

10. Griffith University

The Griffith University is ranked at the 10th position by US rankings 2017 and among top 3% of the universities globally. It is rated 5 stars for the employability of graduates with an extensive network of research centres and institutes. The institute believes in being remarkable, adapting new trends in innovation and providing pioneering solutions. The university offers courses with several options in subjects to study along with practical experiences, employability initiatives to kick start the careers of students. The students also have an option to graduate with a single or a double degree with the combination of different subjects like Criminology, Nursing, Business, etc.

Griffith University

There are several scholarships and financial aid offered by the universities and the students can benefit from the same. All the above mentioned universities provide world class education with high level of expertise in the field of psychology. They have spectacular research in the subject which helps the students to excel in their career as professional psychologists. To conclude, students will get the best exposure in these universities to complete their course and gain quality education.