Top 5 Business Schools In The US offering MBA In Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an important part of many industries and at present, there is high demand for managers specialized in this field. Though the modern management programs have supply chain management courses to help students understand the new trends in this area, a specialization in the field is on high demand. So, if you want to do an MBA in supply chain management, there are several B-Schools offering the best programs in the US, here is a list of five best universities.

Business Schools in the US offering MBA in Supply Chain Management:

1. Purdue University

The university on Indiana offers a full-time MBA in supply chain management. The program focuses on structuring and understanding global supply chain and procuring goods from domestic and international suppliers, who offer supply chain management for global customers and also coordinating supply chain across boundaries. The program is designed to offer students education in a global setting and helps them gain unique experience and knowledge on international supply chain management as well as problem solving.

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2. Michigan State University

The Broad College of Business in Michigan State University has a separate department for supply chain management. The department offers full time and executive MBA programs in supply chain management. The management programs are focused on teaching students how supply chain operations can be improved. It also teaches students how to alleviate risks and reduce cost and failures.

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3. University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The MBA program offered by the university has been ranked one among the 10 best programs in North America. Supply chain management specialization is focused on students gaining complete knowledge on supply chain management which includes training program on everything in supply chain management from designing a product to production, marketing, sourcing, movement and consumption. Students get to experience real world issues and work out possible solutions for the same under the guidance of alumni network and advisory board.

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4. University Of Maryland

Robert H Smith School of business offers management programs with supply chain management elective which focuses on teaching students the integrated approach to manage supply chain. The program includes logistics and transportation management, operations management as well as marketing management and practical experience on how to use IT tools necessary for present-day supply chain management.

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5. University Of San Diego

The school of business in San Diego University offers graduate programs in supply chain management including full time, part time and MBA dual degrees. The programs teach students the latest practices in supply chain management along with the basics; students get to attend workshops related to latest trends in supply management and learn the best practices through experiential learning.

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