9 Top Rated And Most Sought Maritime Colleges In USA

US, a place which boasts for having the best academic institutions in the world has some of the high reputed colleges for pursuing maritime courses. It is the same place where you will institutions like MIT that is best for technology and engineering and also maritime. Today, you are going to come across the top 09 institutions in US. These institutions have maintained their reputation through the kind of education that these impart and also its facilities that are always equipped with the latest technology. This is not all, these institutions put a lot of effort in making education interesting and reputed.

Now You Are Going To Learn About The Top 9 Maritime Colleges In US:

1. Florida Institute Of Technology

When it comes to marine and the environmental system, the Florida institute of technology offers various courses. Some of the programmes includes environmental science, meteorology, ocean engineering, & coastal zone management. Intact since 1966, this college has produced more than 4600 graduates that have entered into the field of specialty. These are some of the most sought and preferred courses in the institute. Most of the courses provide bachelor degree doctoral degree or the Master of Science.

Visit Florida Institute Of Technology

Florida Institute Of Technology

2. Maritime College, State University Of New York

If you want to pursue maritime course from USA then it is impossible that you would not have heard of this college. A top rated college of USA has gained reputation and recognition along with rating in a small span. What makes the college unique and admired is that it has its own 565 foot training ship empire state VI through which students get to travel to different parts of the world and procure hand on experience. The maritime industry when comes to this college for recruitment, no student is left behind. If you want to make a career in maritime, then there is no better a college than this.

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Maritime College, State University Of New York

3. Maine Maritime Academy

Although this is a small academy but once graduated, this academy which is a college of engineering, management, science and transportation opens a big world of opportunity. The academy is a member of the international association of maritime universities and several of its students participate into the students exchange program to gain international experience in the pursued field. The countries that have maintained links with this academy are japan, china, turkey, Australia and many other. So far its placement record is concerned, the school has produced amazing result and has come to known as the best placement maritime school. The courses that can be pursued here are marine transportation operation, marine engineering, & engineering technology. The academy offers undergraduate program to its students in various courses which only trains them in practical skills, knowledge, and training.

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Maine Maritime Academy

4. Massachusetts Marmite Academy

This makes one of the oldest maritime college of US. You will see some live examples of the reputation of this college through the professionals that today are serving in the biggest maritime industry. This college is not to be overlooked if you are keen about making a bright career in marmite field. It provides degrees such as energy systems engineering, facilities engineering, marine engineering, emergency management, marine safety and environmental protection, international maritime business, & marine transportation. So far, the college has maintained its reputation in the maritime field by providing a quality education for graduates who have been serving in the merchant marine, military services and those who currently have been attending the interest of the nation, commonwealth and the global marketplace. This is the very academy which combines academic excellence with lifestyle that is full of responsibility, honor, leadership and discipline.

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Massachusetts Marmite Academy

5. United States Naval Academy

If you want to gain a degree in naval architecture or ocean engineering, you must try for this academy. Equipped with the hi-tech support system and the finest technology in the world, the United States naval academy serves as one of the finest academy in the whole of USA. It produces the best engineers and the naval officers who have achieved a name and fame through their work. This is the one such academy in USA that has its own research resource and is always equipped with the best technology in the whole of marine world.

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United States Naval Academy

6. The University Of New Orleans, Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering Department

Isn’t the name too long? Don’t worry, you are going to memorize it soon because the reputation is even bigger. The University of New Orleans has its department of naval architecture and marine engineering that provides degree such as the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD in the field of marine engineering and naval architecture. This institute has its own laboratories which are equipped and highly updated with the best tools that is the necessity of education and research. Once, you enter this university, you will be fed with knowledge from the highly qualified faculty that serve as the proficient aura of the respective field.

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The University Of New Orleans, Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering Department


7. Us Merchant Marine Academy

Established 100 of years ago, this academy is located in the popular city of New York. By providing a degree in the field of marine transportation, marine engineering, technology, marine operation, marine engineering system and shipyard management. Here you will be offered large variety of courses in the merchant marine field, you just have to focus on what you want to pursue.

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8. United States Coast Guard Academy

The institution provides courses such as marine engineering and naval architecture. The course is well-thought-out in such a way that it provides a sequence education center full of knowledge for both the marine engineering and naval architecture pursuing and coast guard students. For what it has instructed to its students and what it has gained from them, it has gained reputation for being the best college for pursuing a maritime military force. Also, it is the oldest life-saving facility in the world but it never exaggerates about it & is only consistent in its job.

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United States Coast Guard Academy

9. Texas A And M, The University Of Galveston

This is one of the finest colleges in the entire US for chasing a degree in marine engineering technology or marine engineering. When it comes to the interdisciplinary education in the maritime related engineering and marine impulsion, this institution is undoubtedly best. The knowledge that is received here is imparted as a perfect merger of marine and mechanical engineering. You will not believe the training that is bit rigorous but highly disciplined and honorable.

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Texas A And M, The University Of Galveston