7 Top Universities That Offer Museology Or Museum Studies Major In The World

If you want to do a masters in museology in one of the best universities in the world, then this write up is simply for you. Here we have briefed about few reputed institutions that offer the best masters program in museum studies. All these universities offer study programs in English so if you have basic knowledge in English language simply go ahead and visit their official website to learn what they offer in detail.

Schools That Offer Museology Or Museum Studies Major:

1. University Of Michigan

The public university offers one year graduate program in museum studies that introduces students to a board range of topics from history to the modern issues related to museums. The courses help students to gain in-depth knowledge on history, economics, education, ethics, legalities, technology and administration of museums. Guest lectures, discussion on issues with practitioners from museums, visit to museums are all part of the program.

Visit University Of Michigan

University Of Michigan

2. Tufts University

The graduate school of arts and science offers graduate and certificate programs in museum studies and their program is one of the oldest and best programs offered in the discipline. The programs are designed to provide students with traditional and advanced museum practices, wide knowledge on issues, challenges and the trends in the same field. It enables them develop skills to address the issues and build a valuable professional network to start their profession in the field.

Visit Tufts University

Tufts University

3. University Of Sydney

The university offers one masters degree program in museum and heritage studies, which is designed with courses to help students understand the core of development in museum and heritage studies. Students get to learn how to manage collection and historical sites as well as understand the modes of interpretations used in the field. Students gain skills to develop exhibitions, site research, assessment of objects and how to draw a conservation management plan.

Visit University Of Sydney

University Of Sydney

4. Birkbeck, University Of London

The public research university offers postgraduate programs in museum culture such as MA, Mres, PF certificate and PG diploma. The courses help students learn about the field in close proximity and get a better understanding on the significance of museums. From developing key skills to developing a module, the students are introduced to all aspects of museums and allowed to take up studies in their area of interties as well as take up independent research or a work placement in any museum during the program.

Visit Birkbeck, University Of London

Birkbeck, University of London

5. University College Cork

The five-start university in Ireland offers masters program in museum studies that provides students a broad view on several aspects of museum administration and education, museum designing and issues in the modern world. The course prepares to build a career in museum or heritage centers around the world.

Visit University College Cork

University College Cork

6. University Of Washington

The Museology Graduate Program of the University of Washington is a two-year on-site full-time program. This interdisciplinary field where the students integrate the Museology program with art history, engineering, education, zoology and anthropology courses. As museum professionals need strong skills in writing and analytics and hands-on experience, the integration of research and practice gives a solid grounding to the graduate students in all areas of museum practice.

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University Of Washington

7. University Of Adelaide

The Curatorial, Art History and Museum Studies offered by the University of Adelaide are taught by the experts in the field of museum studies and the programs are quite unique. The graduates of this institute are highly sought after as they have excellent hands-on training. Visual Culture and Art History is offered in the Undergraduate level as a minor subject. The Research program includes areas such as Early Modern and Contemporary Art and Museology and Curatorship. An internship program of 20 days is offered for the Postgraduate students who gain skills and experience of working in the museum environment and in a gallery.

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University Of Adelaide