7 Top Institutions Offering Courses In Child Psychology In The US

Child Psychology is a broad subject covering children’s cognitive, physical and emotional/social development. Child psychologists try to make sense of each and every aspect of the child’s development such as how they interact, think, respond emotionally to others around them, develop skills, temperaments and personalities. If you are interested in this course and want to learn about child psychology programs in the US then you are on the right page. In this post, we have summed up institutions that offer the best child psychology programs in the US to enable you get an idea about the programs and choose what you have been looking for.

Institutions Offering Courses In Child Psychology In The US:

1. University Of Minnesota

Institute of child development at the University of Minnesota is a premier institution involved in teaching, understanding and promoting child development studies. It offers undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral training programs in child psychology as well as early childhood education. All the programs are designed in such a way that students get to learn and understand child psychology in a different perspective and get prepared for careers and higher education in human services, counseling, psychology and several other behavioral sciences.

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University Of Minnesota

2. Pennsylvania State University

The department of psychology at Penn State University provides comprehensive training programs on developmental changes that occur from infancy to adolescence. The clinical psychology program offered by the department is one among the oldest and the best in the States involving advanced clinical sciences. The psychological clinic is one among the largest and known for its practices and research integration.

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Pennsylvania State University

3. Yale University

Child study center at Yale University brings multi-disciplines together with learning and understanding various issues of children and their families. The areas of study include psychology, genetics, pediatrics, social policy, social work, neurobiology, etc. The post undergraduate program offered by the center is unique involving seminars, lab meetings, training, research and clinical services.  The department of psychology also offers graduate program in developmental psychology which is linked closely with child psychology and pediatrics.

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Yale University

4. University Of Kansas

The university offers a Ph. D in child psychology and the coursework is a combination of the ones from psychology and applied behavioral sciences including family therapy, psychopathology, social issues, ethical issues, cultural diversity, etc. The major focus is on research and teaching how to evaluate and provide treatment to children and adults.

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5. George Mason University

College of psychology at George Mason University offers undergraduate and graduate programs on developmental psychology. The programs mainly focus on development and behavior from infancy to adolescence, knowledge about skill development, research, techniques for evaluating optimal development, etc.

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George Mason University

6. Southern New Hampshire University

The university offers both graduate and postgraduate online degrees in child psychology that will not only help you reach great heights in your career, but also improve the lives of adolescents and children. The program helps deepen your knowledge in critical subjects like social and cognitive psychology, research methods, ethical practice while focusing on the application of research in psychology in the real world.

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Southern New Hampshire University

7. Capella University

Capella University is also one among the very few universities offering online courses in Child and Adolescent Development Programme. The Master’s program offered by the university is a great first step, especially for those, who want to pursue a doctorate in child psychology. The student can gain subject matter expertise and become a leader in the organizations that serve adolescents. The program covers wide topics including educational and social issues to mental health. The in-depth information received on the child-development stages will help you work within a broad spectrum of child behaviors.

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Capella University