7 Top Institutions Offering Courses In Actuarial Science In UK

Statistics and actuarial sciences might sound boring, but they are actually not. In fact, actuaries are vital for making financial decisions in many fields today and have a wide range of career opportunities in the field of financial services, investments, insurance, employee benefit plans, etc. So, actuarial science is a high in demand program today. Though many universities around the world offer actuarial science courses, here we have complied top universities in UK for those who want to study in UK. A brief writeup on what the universities offer in actuarial sciences programs is mentioned below.

Top Institutions Offering Courses In Actuarial Science In UK:

1. Queen’s University

The university offers a four-year fulltime BSc (Hons) program in actuarial science which is carefully designed by professional actuaries to meet the demand of the industry. The goal of the program is to develop students with practical as well as business skills. Students get to study actuaries’ mathematics, financial reporting and analysis, statistics, operational research, economics, actuaries modeling, investment analysis, actuaries’ application, etc during the four years program.

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Queen’s University

2. University Of Manchester

The university offers a 3-year fulltime BSc program in actuarial science and mathematics. The course is designed to provide students firm basics in mathematics and actuarial science along with an opportunity to build up their communication, leadership and team building skills. Students learn mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, actuarial models, contingencies, etc during the three years of the program.

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University Of Manchester

3. University Of Kent

The university offers nearly ten fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate programs in actuarial sciences. The courses are accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and students taking up these courses are exempted from the professional actuarial examinations in UK. Students gain deep knowledge on models, practices, application of actuaries along with IT and practical knowledge.

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University Of Kent

4. Queen Mary University Of London

The university offers fulltime programs in mathematics and actuarial sciences and another fulltime program in mathematics, statistics and financial economics. Both the courses involve classes from mathematics, statistics and actuarial sciences to prepare students to take up a wide range of career opportunities in business and finance.

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Queen Mary University Of London

5. London School Of Economics And Political Science

The School offers BSc Actuarial Science Programme that has heavy statistical and mathematical component. The program is accredited by the Actuaries Institute and the courses studied as part of this degree program could lead to exemptions. The Royal Statistical Society has also accredited this program, which provides the students the status of Graduate Statistician. This is a three-year full-time course, where the students’ study varied subjects including Economics, Mathematical Methods, Accounting, Financial Management, Abstract Mathematics, Probability, Actuarial Investigations, etc.

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London School Of Economics And Political Science

6. University Of Southampton

Southampton University is one of the three universities that offers professionally approved postgraduate full-time actuarial science programme in England. The programme provides coherent and intensive curriculum in actuarial science to quantitative graduates. On completing the graduate program, the students will be fully equipped to begin their actuarial career that needs high-level quantitative skills. The University also offers undergraduate Bachelor of Science program in actuarial science.

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University Of Southampton

7. University Of York

The BSc Honors Degree in Actuarial Science offered by the University of York equips students with the knowledge needed to begin their career in the field of science or actuarial practice. In addition, various optional modules offered covers a variety of topics like globalization, governance and management, which enables students to widen their horizons. Besides the BSc 3-year degree program, the University also offers BSc Hons in Actuarial Science with one-year in industry. This is a 4-year degree program.

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University Of York