7 Best Universities Offering Speech Pathologist Programs In The World

The students pursuing a degree in Speech Pathology learns about fluency problems, speech disorder and other kinds of impairments in communication. Are you looking to take up a degree program in speech-language pathology and pursue a career as speech pathologists in private and public sectors then you are on the right page. Here we have summed up 7 best universities that offer speech pathologist programs in the world. The prerequisites depends on the degree program like a high school diploma is required for a bachelor’s degree while a bachelor’s degree program in any relevant field with GRE scores is the criteria to apply for Master’s or Doctoral Programs.

College Offering Speech Pathologist Programs In The World

1. Purdue University

The MS program offered by the university in Speech-Language Pathology is designed to meet the academic, licensure, clinical certification and the credentialing requirements of ASHA as well as ISLPAB. The degree program is accredited by CAA and covers various areas like phonetics, audiology, language acquisition, hearing science, aural rehabilitation, etc. The graduates can take up careers in schools, hospitals, etc as clinical speech pathologists.

Purdue University

2. University Of Pittsburgh

The university offers MA/MS degree program in Speech-Language Pathology under the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. It is one of the highly ranked programs accredited by CAA. The program includes about 60 credits including classroom lectures and clinical experiences, which enables students to qualify for CFY and then obtain ASHA and state license to start their practice as speech pathologists.

University Of Pittsburgh

3. National University Of Singapore

The university offers MS degree program in Speech and Language Pathology. The courses cover 11 modules covering various processes and interventions for indicators. It also includes problem based learning on several cases such as swallowing, voice, fluency etc for kids and adults. The integration of academics with clinical settings helps student learn, assess and treat clients under the supervision of professionals and gain real time experience and take up careers as speech pathologists in private and public sectors.


4. University Of Sydney

The faculty of health science offers graduate and undergraduate programs in Speech Language Pathology. The programs are accredited by Speech Pathology Australia and are designed to prepare students develop their ability to learn, understand and treat people with speech and communication problems.

University Of Sydney

5. City, University Of London

The university offers BSc and MSc Speech and Language Therapy courses under the department of Language and Communication Sciences. The programs are accredited by health and care professions council and are designed to produce the best speech-language therapists. The courses cover fundamentals of speech-language therapy including clinical and social context and advanced practices. Real time experiences under supervision of clinicians help students gain the required clinical skills as well as confidence.

University Of London

6. University Of Iowa

The Department of Communication Sciences at the University offers a Bachelor’s Major (Pre-Professional) in Hearing Science and Speech. It also offers honors program as well as Master’s concentrations in professional, research or public school licensure. If you want to become a practitioner then a Ph. D program in audiology would be ideal. You can enhance your clinical as well as research experience by the facilities offered at the University of Iowa Hospitals.

University Of Iowa

7. Kent State University

This is one of the biggest universities in Ohio. The University offers Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech Pathology (B.S), Masters of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, Master’s Program- Combined Baccalaureate and Doctor of Philosophy in Speech Pathology. The Master’s and Doctoral Programs are accredited by the ASHA. The distinguished faculty at the university has numerous scientific and clinical publications to their credit.

Kent State University