7 Best Universities Offering Degree In Biomechanics

Biomechanics is a field of study which involves learning how to apply mechanical engineering concepts to find a solution to health issues and improve health care. With increasing problems in the complex human body, biomechanics is growing as a challenging field with ample opportunities for design, development, and research. Here, in this post, we have listed few best institutions that offer the best biomechanics degree programs for aspirants, who want to build a successful career in the field.

Universities Offering Degree In Biomechanics:

1. University Of Maryland:

The Fischell department of Bioengineering at the University of Maryland has been home to the emerging biomechanics discipline with the goal to make a difference in healthcare through innovation, education and research. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in biomechanics which are a comprehensive, wide-based bioengineering programs that emphasis on basics of biology and application of engineering to biological systems and thus become able to design solutions to real-time clinical problems.

University Of Maryland

2. University Of Arizona:

The department of bioengineering at Arizona University offers bachelor’s degree program in biomedical engineering, which enables students gain thorough knowledge on life sciences, acquire engineering skills and at the same time learn the application of engineering in bio-systems to improve and solve critical clinical issues.

University Of Arizona

3. Marquette University:

The biomedical engineering department is a fantastic place dedicated to provide students with extraordinary learning experience, which would enable students easily translate their idea acquired through education into effective solutions to help clinicians deliver better healthcare. The department offers bachelors and masters in biomedical engineering as well as BS in biomechanics.

Marquette University

4. Virginia Tech:

Virginia tech has dedicated a department for biomedical engineering and mechanics which offers students several graduate programs in the bioengineering discipline including biomechanics. The program teaches students how to apply engineering mechanics, design clinical application to improve medical care as well as quality of life. The program enables students build a successful career in medical device companies, government agencies, medical schools, etc.

Virginia Tech

5. University Of Vermont:

Electrical and biomedical engineering department offers BS in biomedical engineering, a program that trains students how to work between biomedical sciences and engineering. The college of engineering and mathematical sciences at the university offers MS and PhD programs in bioengineering which is a combination engineering, biology and human elements to understand biomechanical and biochemical processes.

University Of Vermont

6. Brunel University London:

The Biomechanics, Bioelectronics and Biomedical Engineering program offered by the University has a strong emphasis on development and research aspects. The aim of the course is to provide students an overall knowledge base, competencies and skills that is essential in biomedical engineering, and research activities in other related fields. The course helps students gain proficiency in research and advanced product development. Those who have completed Honors degree or any other equivalent internationally recognized engineering degree are eligible to apply for this full-time postgraduate program (MSC).

Brunel University London

7. Nottingham Trent University:

Master of Research (MRes) in Biomechanics offered by the Nottingham University helps gain expertise primarily in the biomechanics field. The course builds empirical and practical skills, which can be applied in various industries and health sectors. The main objective of the program is to develop expertise in research and a project is also conducted during the yearlong study. Graduates who have completed this research course can pursue their career in sports (rehabilitation and injury), biomechanics, research and physiology. The degree also provides a platform for those who are keen in pursuing their PhD and wish to acquire relevant qualification and experience before committing to the research field.

Nottingham Trent University