6 Institutions Offering Salon Or Spa Management Courses In The World

With the growing demand in the beauty and wellness industry, an informal training is just not sufficient to launch a successful career, especially if you are planning to set up your own business. To gain comprehensive knowledge on the industry and techniques from the basics to the most advanced, including business management a formal education in salon or spa management has become essential. If you have been planning to take up one such course, here we have listed a few best institutions that offer the best courses to equip yourself and develop your skills to get industry ready.

Universities Offering Salon Or Spa Management Courses In The World

1. Humber College

The college in Canada offers spa management diploma program which is designed in such a way that students gain business management and required vocational skills to build a successful career in the industry. The courses include traditional services to advanced techniques including medical esthetic services used in the cosmetic industry. Students practice what they learn in the full-service classroom spa and boutique open to public and become qualified to open their own spa on completion of the course.

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Humber College

2. Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality

The institution located in Singapore offers one diploma program in wellness, lifestyle and spa management, which prepares the students for a full-fledged spa operations management from handling clients to customizing services to marketing and financial management. Students gain international certification and 24 weeks immersion program with international spas and skin care companies and exposure to a broad range of wellness related topics. The goal of the course is to produce students with knowledge and skills to launch a career in the wellness industry.

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Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality

3. Management And Sciences University

The private university in Malaysia offers two programs in spa management, one diploma and one undergraduate program. Both the programs help students acquire knowledge on the spa operations and services including business and finance management. The courses are designed to provide students real time experience and a deep understanding on the pros and cons of the industry. The programs create entrepreneurs and get students industry ready.

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Management And Sciences University

4. Thai Heritage Spa School

Located in Thailand, the school was initially established to supply skilled staff to its own spas, but with their best training staff and growing demand in the industry, today the school offers certified training courses on spa management. Certified by the ministry of education of Thailand, the school offers study programs, which comprises of various spa techniques, spa management training and study tour programs. The program introduces students on all phases of spa management from designing to marketing and advanced treatments and gets them ready to run a spa on their own.

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Thai Heritage Spa School

5. Australian Academy Of Beauty And Spa Therapy

The institution dedicated to educating students to prepare highly professional therapists in beauty field offers various diploma and undergraduate programs in beauty therapy and salon management. Students are taught all basics to most advanced treatment procedures during the programs, which include hands-on training in their daily spa open to public. From planning day to day operations to evaluating a team and making strategic business decisions, students learn all aspect of salon business management and come out with the best managerial skills.

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Australian Academy of beauty and Spa Therapy

6. Algonquin College

Algonquin College is based in Ottawa and has campuses in Woodroffe, Perth, Pembroke and also in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The college offers post graduate program in Spa Management, which is an 8-month course. The program trains students in business management skills, which is required to become employable in this fast-growing industry. This career-focused and highly-specialized program has work-friendly schedule. After completing the program you can get employed in destination resorts, health clubs, cruise ships and in salons and spas.

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Algonquin College