6 Colleges That Offer Defense And Weapons Technology Courses In The World

If you are interested in defense and weapons technology and want to take a course related to the same discipline and serve your nation to enhance its security, then it is wonderful, a big round of applause for your thought. To help you find the top universities that offer courses related to defense and weapons technology, we have summed up six world class universities that offer the best programs in defense and security. Have a look to make the best choice.t

Defense And Weapons Technology Courses In The World:

1. King’s College London:

The defense studies department at King’s college London offers one masters degree program and one MPhil program in defense studies. The program is designed to provide students with wide knowledge in arms control as well as international security and introduce them to a number of advanced technology and a large range of subjects related to weaponry. With regular classroom lectures, practical sessions and SME guest lecturers, students develop logical and research skills in various dynamic environment.

King’s College London

2. George Mason University:

The public research university in Virginia offers masters programs in bio-defense, one of the most important weaponry sciences in today’s world. The degree program enables students develop into bio-security scholars or professionals who can analyze and assess risks posed by both manmade and natural biological threats and develop strategies to reduce the risks and improve national as well as international security.

George Mason University

3. Stevens Institute Of Technology:

The private research university in New Jersey offers masters degree in integrated product development – armament engineering. The course emphasizes on engineering of weapons for field use and development of new concepts related to security. Various topics such as explosives manufacturing, rocket designing, missile designing, modern instrumentation, testing procedures, research, etc are focused during the study to provide students robust understanding of the armament engineering discipline.

Stevens Institute Of Technology

4. American Military University:

The public university in West Virginia offers several general and specialized regular and online courses related to defense and security. With faculty that has high credentials in the related fields and most of them working in the Defense department in the US helps students gain in-depth knowledge in intelligence and armaments through theories and practical sessions. Students learn application of theories to real-time security challenges and gain required skills and knowledge to serve in the government and public organizations.

American Military University

5. UPMN – Malaysian Defense University:

The public university in Malaysia offers MS and PhD in defense technology. The courses are designed to prepare students to pursue their career in military and research. The program enables students  gain knowledge in broad topics related to defense and security such as weapons system, armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, explosives, fire control, special operations vehicles, defense planning, development, military operations research, electronic warfare, etc and emerge as professionals and leaders in the field to address security challenges.

Malaysian Defense University

6. Cranfield University, UK:

Cranfield is a University specializing in management and technology. The university provides consultancy, research and several educational programs in weapon engineering, their dynamics and design including their integration. The course focuses on warheads and explosives, mounting and control, fusing and guidance and delivery systems ranging from gun systems to rockets. Vehicle & Weapon Engineering course provides training and education at postgraduate level. It offers education and underpinning knowledge to those who want to join or new to defense industry. The course provides in-depth knowledge of technologies used in the development, design, and evaluation of military vehicles and weapon systems.

Cranfield University, UK