10 Best Universities For Studying Wood Science And Technology

Wood Science and Technology- probably one of the most unconventional courses one gets to hear nowadays. This is all because of the fact that wood science and technology is indeed the least heard ones when it compared to many of the other courses of its kind. However, it cannot be underestimated as the value of this course reaches a summit at times. This is all because it has some really stunning advantages as nowadays a lot of deforestation has been taking place. this deforestation is due to various reasons among which cutting down the forests for timber can be regarded as the most prominent among them. Therefore, one must always take up a lot of responsibility in reducing the usage of timber and also find some of the effective ways of using some of the resources quite effectively.

This can highly be helpful to the environment on the whole. Also, this course further includes the pulp technology as well which educates the children about the effective ways of using the pulp resources and also some of the stunning methods of using paper in our daily life. Therefore, this course must be taken up by the students who are indeed a lot skilled and are also motivated in such a way that their zeal has to be the safeguarding the environment. In this regard, this article features some of the top colleges where one can always get to seize an opportunity to study wood science and technology and also get to indulge their life in a way that perfectly suits them. Therefore, it is recommended by all the individuals to take a note of these benefits and also analyze the universities and colleges mentioned and choose a right place for pursuing their passion and take the road of success as well.

1. Lulea University of Technology

Lulea University of Technology is one stunning University of Sweden that is actually located in the northernmost part of the country and when it comes to the topic of opting for colleges for studying Wood Science and Technology, this university can be counted among the top notch one not only in Europe but also in the entire world. Also, this university delights the students from Europe as this would be quite near to their hometown and also Sweden is well known to provide the best quality education to all the students which are an additive for students opting this University. Also, another thing that the student must be aware of is that it offers only one single course and that too in the post graduation.

Therefore, only graduates are eligible to apply and also the minimum eligibility requirements for getting into this prestigious University is IELTS score and also one can crack the prerequisites with focus and get into this university to undertake the course of their choice. Therefore it is recommended by all the students to consider Sweden as a worthy option for opting Wood Science and Technology and also get to choose this course if possible.

Lulea University of Technology

2. University Malaysia Sarawak

One of the most prestigious universities in Malaysia and this university is said to have founded in the year 1992 and is known to be the eight recognized university of the country. Also, another important thing about this particular university is that it actually offers various courses to the students which also include one post graduate course as well as one doctoral program in wood science and technology. Also, the majority of the Asians can go ahead with this university as it would be quite close to their lifestyle and culture and also other students can opt for some quality education as well.

University Malaysia Sarawak

3. University Teknologi Mara

One of the largest and the oldest universities in Malaysia and this is yet another stunning option for students for opting Wood Science and Technology. However it only offers one post graduate course in the relevant category, however, it’s also a worthy choice as well especially to the students from Asia.

University Teknologi Mara

4. University Putra Malaysia

This is yet another Malaysian University that is included in the list and one of the stunning facts about this university is that it offers four courses in the relevant category where two are actually the post graduate programs while the other two are indeed doctoral courses on the whole.

University Putra Malaysia

5. University of Minnesota

One of the top rated colleges that are included in the list and this university gives a phenomenal option for all the students opting for wood science course in the form of an education program, however it is said that getting into this university isn’t quite easy and all one has to do is to achieve some exceptional SAT score for stepping into this University.

University of Minnesota

6. Oregon State University

This University is actually located about 90 miles from Portland and this university offers two exceptional degrees for all the students who are willing to study wood science and technology where one of the degrees is actually a postgraduate one while the other is indeed a doctoral program.

Oregon State University

7. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

The another university of the United States included in the list and this university is also well known for offering some of the exceptional wood science courses to all the students willing to opt for it.

State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

8. North Carolina State University at Raleigh 

This university is actually located in the city of Raleigh, Carolina, USA and can also be considered as one major university for all the students who are willing to undertake wood science course. However, one needs to achieve a good SAT score to get in there and this fact can be drawn from the acceptance rate of the college on the whole.

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

9. Mississippi State University

The Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Sciences is commonly called as Mississippi State University and this university can be counted among the top tier institutes of the region and is one of the phenomenal places for all the ones who actually made up themselves to undertake courses of wood science and technology. For this one has to score well in SAT and the acceptance rate is a bit low when it is compared with the other universities in the United States.

Mississippi State University